Arsène Wenger


Even Sky Sports are bored of us


On that note, could next season be the season Arsenal actually plays more than a handful of fixtures at 3pm on a saturday?!! :dizzy_face:

There is an upside to being mediocre after all :sunglasses:


Or more sunday games :wink:


Lol at Sky axing us for Tottenham. :joy:

Better game tbf so can understand why they would.


I have read of Overmars as potential sporting director and players like Dembele, Tierny, Zaha and Pickford as new incomings. We’re ready for the EL and to become the new Tottenham.


I don’t know about those players but I’m not against Overmars as Director of Football. I don’t know very much about his time at Ajax but, from what I can see, he has done a good job during his tenure. They have a young and exciting squad - arguably the most interesting Ajax team in a long time - and its been put together not just with the youth system but through some very savvy cheap buys (Dolberg, Sanchez, Ziyech, etc).


I suggest reading up on that one


surely has to be BS SURELY, WTF has happened to this fucking club so the board cant decide either half are out half are in…jesus make a fucking decision if true have infighting even at board level if this is true no wonder the club is so fucking poor.


I think he is hoping he can win the FA Cup and it will turn things around.
But I don’t think we will win the FA Cup, and even if we do it won’t be enough, unless we get top four as well.


I’m beginning to think that Gazidis and maybe Ken Friar are our only hopes. They are the only ones on the board who know anything about football or have much truly invested in the team winning silverware. After that its basically just clueless Kroenkes who only care if the team is profitable and rich London jerkoffs like Sir Chips and Lord Harris who probably mainly view their board seats as ways to prop up their social status among other rich London jerkoffs.


what is it in this article that isnt recycled trash we already know about?

no need to get annoyed at all mate. its just yet another pointless click bait.


Sorry, I read too fast and thought you were saying “All the teams are going to shit on us next season…”

Then I was thinking, “No way Luca was not going to say that…”, and I read it one more time and discovered my mistake…


I don’t think I’ve opened a single one of those articles claiming to have info on the Wenger contract situation. Ignoring them is actually quite easy and saves getting worked up over nothing.


What does Koeman have that we don’t have???hmmmm…I wonder.


No way we can’t beat some random slovakians and rumenians teams. Or maybe yes? :poldi:


Decent article.


And his nephews want to beat him up as well :mustafi:


Lukaku :grinning:


That’s a good article but although most supporters will have sympathy with him, he has brought this on himself and has had several seasons to sort it out.
Most managers don’t get that luxury, some only get several games to sort things out.

Looking at that interview after the game against Crystal Palace he looked like someone who had run out of excuses.
He can’t blame injuries or lack of quality, and he can’t even say the opposition are a bigger, richer club.
It seems as if he has made a decision, and that he won’t be here next season.
He should have seen this a few seasons ago and done something then.


On that basis you’d have Moyes and Martinez as both did better at Everton than Koeman will this season. Martinez managed 72 points, which I think is their best since the 80s. Moyes regularly had 60+ point seasons. I don’t know if Koeman’s a better manager than them, maybe he is. Both were talked about as Wenger replacements too.