Arsène Wenger


Simpsons even called the fan unrest in the stands.



I certainly wouldn’t call Wenger ’ Arsenal’s greatest manager ‘
’ Arsenal’s greatest underachieving manager ’ yes but ’ the greatest Arsenal manager . No way .


[quote=“Calum, post:6196, topic:125”]
Simpsons even called the fan unrest in the stands.

[/quote]Look forward to when we move and become the Albuquerque Isotopes :wink:


No way is Koeman our man.

I think it is imperative during a rebuild, and a change of legacy, that we bring in a manager with weight.


Big Sam it is then :eyes:


Quality comment.


That’s why I think he’s staying. No way they send him off without a chance for the Gooners to sing him off properly in the stadium he is partially responsible for building.


Give this a read :joy::joy:


i find it a bit harsh to say ‘no way’ given the impact hes had on the club and the game in general.

Strong case for Graham however the only real alternative after that is Herb imo.

Who do you think?


There’s no way he’s anything other than the greatest manager.

George Graham was equally outdated as a coach in the mid/late 90s but the club didn’t allow him to spend that time disappointing as Arsenal manager and moved him on.

And if Wenger was unfortunate enough to pass away after 11 years in charge there wouldn’t be enough statues of him and we’d probably still yearn for “the Wenger era”.


if we got a new manager who led us to win the champions league , something that Wenger will never be able to do then will that new manager be labelled the greatest ?
After all the CL is the biggest platform any European manager can win .
Personally for me Graham was the best . Purely because he got hold of a stagnant club and made them winners again .
Nearly the same scenario as now .


I perasonally would take a more hollistic view of the club as opposed to leaving it down to accolades.

Wenger was great because he drove a step change, not just because he won stuff. Much like Herb.


That is a very good point bud . Good post .


For sure, unless the other teams WANT it more. I mean, what CAN we do if the opposition wants it more.


You know the saddest part, that team would probably still kick this team’s arse.


He has taken Everton to the same level we are, in about a season, with no world class players.

Wenger has had the luxury of being the longest serving manager in Europe, at the same club, in the same league, with more money and under almost no pressure.

If it was a choice of Wenger or Koeman I would have the manager that is on the way up rather than a manager that’s stagnated.

Koeman did a good job at Southampton and is doing a better job at Everton.
He is experienced in the PL, and because he was a world class player, he has the respect of the players.

If Allegri doesn’t want to come here I think he would be the best choice.

The main question is, would Koeman leave Everton to come to a club who’s main ambition is to make a profit?

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Lol! I thought it was true :wenger:


Get rid of Lolcott :wink:



Overmars to help Wenger?