Arsène Wenger




Who is actually in charge of the club? Who has final say on anything?

Its a fucking circus. Clueless the lot of them. Dinosaurs and businessmen.


Why does the club need to wait till the end of the season to make the decision?
Wenger wants to postpone that, I can understand; but why the club has to wait??
Will Wenger turn into a better tactician and change his approach in a couple of months?
Fucking board and owner.


i think its a case of wanting the clubs greatest ever manager to part ways on friendly / mutual terms.

No manager can be expected to come here and instantly get us top 4 and an FA Cup in the space of a few months anyway.

Arsene has always said he sticks to his contracts. It’s gonna be a tough few months but i wouldnt want either party to compromise their way of working for the sake of a few more games. Especially when we have a glimmer of hope in that he leaves with one final FA Cup.

If Leicester taught me anything its that football is an unpredictable game, and id imagine there are a few twists and turns yet to reveal themselves.


It feels like 10 years ago, lol.


In terms of points, we are closer to Watford than Chelsea atm… and very possibly could end the season 20 points behind the leader…


It would be nice to fight for relegation next season. At least it would be something new.


hehe… this is one reason I have absolutely no issue with Europa League… FFS we are so far from competitive in the Premier and CL that it is silly… I can’t give a flying f*ck about our financial situation any more either…

Get a new manager in, ship out the dross and clean house over the next couple of years - bring in a new regime and new crop of promising youngsters…

People have used the word “stale” and I didn’t think it was quite right, but it is… the opposite of love isn’t hate, it is indifference… right now I am heading down the path towards indifference and that is the biggest tragedy of fandom there is.


Image being in the Europa League with Wenger. Image Lolcott and Gayroud missing sitters against some random slovakian teams :hipster:


I don’t get how Wenger can say that the uncertainty over his future is not affecting the team’s performance. Does that mean he believes the team’s poor form is down to his inability to manage then?

It seems obvious to all, aside from those with the power to change it, that he can’t motivate our players and they do not want to player for him anymore. I mean, after, presumably, an encouraging team talk at half time last night, we came out and managed to perform even worse than we had in the first half! What the hell is with that?! Might as well have Gunnersaurus doing the team talk!

Even the hardcore away fans have all turned into lunatics chanting for Wenger to leave! Last night seemed like a turning point – the point of no return, even Wenger has to be able to see that! Why would he want to go to a party where the other 50,000 people there hate him?!

This film is tragic to watch, but i think (hope!) it’ll be over soon.


Much better anthem than the Champions League! We are gonna shit all over the teams next season :wink:


I still maintain more than ever that this is now about his ego more than anything else.
He thinks this club owes him. The board are now in an uncomfortable position of what to offer him. The only option they now have is offering another job upstairs.
I think he will fight all the way here.
It will get ugly, but has to I feel for any chance of this board waking up to itself.


Does he want to stay at Arsenal? Ok, as scout, nothing more.


Its his club in his mind. Be a mistake him doing anything other than Arsenalfan tv.


Superb blog from arseblog this morning. Kind of reminds me of the big posts Craigie and MM have since made on here


I’m confident in the ‘Wenger has signed a new deal and everyone’s keeping it quiet’ theory held by some being wrong because of the requirements of having to announce it already due to the stock market situation.

The real uncertainty is over how much informal talks have gone on between both sides, how advanced they are and to what degree the Board have the strength to pull the plug on Wenger if results keep going as they are.

I mean there’s no way we’re going to win any more than 2 games in a row max before the end of the season, before the next disappointing one comes in. Plus we have tough teams to play as it is.

Maybe Wenger and the Club had hatched a positive PR blitz in the wake of wins (or at least undefeated) over City, Liverpool, West Ham and Palace, but that’s gone in the bin now, so we’re back to stalling, a cat and mouse game between the different parties




i for one would relish time in Europa, i would even take a season without european football.

Time to take a long hard look at this club and start rebuilding from scratch. No more coming here and coasting. Start from scratch, rebuild, and earn our status as one of the countries finest ever clubs.


I don’t have a problem with that… but what is more important?
To walk out with pride and write off your whole season, or to make the decision ASAP (stay or walk away) to save the season from free falling, and have more than enough time to prepare the new season and players’ contracts?

If the board care about the club, they should force Wenger to announce it, staying or not.
If Wenger loves the club, he should announce his retirement so the team can prepare the new season with the new manager.


I don’t think that many people want Wenger fired tomorrow and a replacement manager for the rest of the season.

What supporters want is the club to make a statement that Wenger will be leaving after this season by mutual agreement and that a search for a new manager (and DoF, hopefully) is underway. Doing so would greatly lift the toxic atmosphere surrounding the club and would likely provide the best boost for the team to do well in the run-in and challenge for the FA Cup and Top 4.

Moving on from Wenger is the only defensible way forward and making a statement now rather than after the season is the best way to make the parting as amicable as possible.