Arsène Wenger


Nope, but it certainly as fuck will play into the guys hands more so he can show the world how ‘amazing’ he is by being frugal and making a team out of shit players perform good enough the top 4…sick to fucking hell of it missing out on so many damn good players because he is a cheap dithering motherfucker.


If he can’y get top four with Sanchez and Ozil, and they leave, there is no way we are going to challenge for anything next season, unless he decides he has had enough of dithering and buys three or four world class players as well as being more ruthless with under performing players.


Everyone’s favourite man to hate went on Talksport to go all in on Wenger/board/players.


Basically it’s my only chance of a ‘holiday’ next season :weary:


Yeah Rostov is top of my holiday list too :laughing:


Maybe Arsenal would finally come to Austria again then.


If we miss CL this season the chances of us signing world class players lessen EXPONENTIALLY more than they already do with Sanchez and Ozil leaving.

On top of ridiculous transfer fees that we’re reluctant to pay with CL money in the bag we’d have to pay insane wages to make up for that pack. £80m for Griezmann and a £300,000 pw salary because we don’t have CL football? I don’t think so.

Missing the CL this season will be the beginning of a new banter era for us.


So true - in defeat the one thing I can look forward to is some quality insight on that podcast. Love it!


Given the fact that we are only behind United and Liverpool in terms of domestic honours our list of European trophies is really rather poor, something which goes beyond our time under Wenger.

We’ve won the Cup Winner’s Cup once and the Inter Cities Fairs Cup once, a now defunct competition (as is the CWC) that seems to have been the predecessor to the Europa League as it’s now known. Given this fact we’ve got no right to be snobby about the Europa League. Of course I’d rather be in the CL but if we aren’t I’d want us to give the Europa League a real go, and I’d be really chuffed if we won it.

Any sort of European trophy would be a bloody big deal for us.


I could finally open my relegation thread :mustafi:


Playing in Altach. They are doing well this season.


First Vienna vs Arsenal :raised_hands:


It’s fine margins though. I am definitely Wenger out now, but i can’t help thinking that in 2006 if we hadn’t had our GK sent off, if Henry hadn’t have missed that chance - we could have won the CL. Would Wenger be viewed differently?


Another great rant from Piers Morgan. Ignore the circus around this guy and he’s pretty much spot on.


Altach will play in Innsbruck as the stadium isn’t big enough.

First Vienna is bankrupt. They’ll be relegated at the end of this season and it’s unsure in which league they’ll play next year…


They don’t play in Tipico Bundesliga :wink:


No! :anguished: They’re 2nd aswell. :neutral_face:

They’re in the Austrian 3rd division. :slight_smile:


The 7 early exits in a row have really stacked up against him, I feel a triumph in Paris would’ve cemented his long term legacy more strongly, but consistent years of failure since would leave the fan base with the same opinion it has now


Exactly. They are one of the most historical clubs in Austria.


But, do you not think, winning the champions league would have given us confidence? Even now, our players might play with the attitude that their team are bloody amazing! At the moment, in Europe, they perform like guys who have been asked to cycle on the moon!