Arsène Wenger


James Olley reporting he’s torn and hasn’t decided… :thinking: this is all a massive head fuck lol


An ‘Exclusive’ from James Olley there featuring a rewrite of yesterday’s rumours about Dick Law, today’s report about the Tuchel denial shared by every other paper I’ve read today, plus a half baked rumour about Wenger talking transfer targets with key players substantiated by nothing whatsoever and deemed so pathetic it’s hidden down in the third-from-last paragraph.

Good job James :+1:



Think this saga could break all the Christmas day records of Eastenders…
Northenders…will he wont he… Bom bom bom da da da da da da da…


The fly past and there maybe more.


I hope AFC, Sir Chips and Jardine Matheson Holdings will start a legal action against who have spread the fake news.


If he does stay it’s likely Ozil and Sanchez will leave.
We will also be out of the CL, and we will be way behind spurs, Man U and Liverpool.
He isn’t going to buy any world class players, let alone replace Ozil and Sanchez and we are going to be scrapping with Everton and Southampton for a top six place.

Anyone who thinks he can get us back challenging for the PL title or even a CL place, hasn’t been paying attention.

If we get beaten at home by Man City, which is quite likely, then lost the following home game against West Ham, his position would be untenable.

Losing the next two games isn’t that unlikely and, if we did, and he still wanted to stay another season, it would prove that he really has lost it.
He would drag us down further than we have ever been in the PL.


I’m honestly done with watching Arsenal next season if he stays. I’ll resume watching this shit show when a new manager comes in.

It’s a waste of time with Wenger at the helm. He is ruining what he built. The best interest for the club is him to leave.


We should and can win the Europa League next season (if we fall outside of the top 4), but with Wenger at the helm next season even that is doubtful.


People underestimate the Europa League. As Michael Owen said, when Liverpool won it last season they had to play a lot of hard teams… or in everyone else’s memories, when Sevilla won it last season had to play a lot of tough teams. This season seems to be pretty easy compared to last. Man United should have it in the bag but usually it’s pretty tough.

And knowing our luck, Bayern will finish 3rd in their group just so they can drop into Europa and play us!


Unless Atletico drops out of top 4 in La Liga we are the favourites to win it. Usually favourites do win it, but of course there are exemptions (Dortmund last season comes to mind), but we can and should be able to beat every team we would face in that competition.

Sevilla played Molde, Basel, Bilbao and Shakhtar not the most impressive list of opponents.


We should also be able to beat West Brom, Watford and Middlesborough but we didn’t.

I’m not even sure that we would be favourites to be honest. Looking across the European leagues at teams in the EL positions, I wouldn’t be confident playing most of them.


Come on now. Arsenal Football Club is one of the twelve biggest club in European football. Eleven of those other clubs are going to be in the Champions League. Which of the teams in Europa League positions makes you shiver so much?

A national competition is different than a KO competition.

But yeah. Wenger won’t deliver obviously.


The Arsene hangover.


Getting drunk and dancing around a maypole does make me feel better about Wenger to be honest


If he stays I can see us slipping further down the table. He has lost the players or at least the best ones. We will struggle to attract the players we need to improve unless we get lucky and buy some diamonds in the rough.

Already established players wont want to come here if Ozil / Sanchez leave coupled with some of the embarrassing results we have had. We are very likely to end out of the top 4 so this will be the clearest indication we have gone backwards under Wenger. We have limited ambition yet will still charge the fans gold ticket prices to watch a silver standard team.


I rate the Europa League, don’t see what’s so minnow-ish about the likes of Schalke, Ajax and Lyon.

As a supporter, the prize money issue is low on my list of priorities (to put it mildly) and as Wenger has come out and said recently, even the Champion League money is less vital than 3-5 years ago, for English clubs anyway

The only problem is the Thursday-Sunday cycle and the fact that big players want the premier competition instead. As a supporter I see it as a decent competition and chance to win a European trophy


Well yes, Spurs have struggled with this. It especially bothers me as I work at a weekly magazine and Thursday is press day, I’m in the office from 8am until 11pm that day.

From your point of view though, are you trying to get lots of different grounds added to your spreadsheet? :grin:


You watch this space also, if we miss out on the CL and Wenger is still fucking here, i bet you will hear this in the summer:

‘because we do not have the CL not only do we not have the money for the top top players but it is hard to attract them without the CL so we have to be clever with our spending and be consistent’

I can see it coming right now, we dont get top 4 there will be no spending from wenger or if he does spend it will be on utter shit that wont get us anywhere much less back into the CL.


Not much change there then :grinning: