Arsène Wenger


I’d go nuts if we won the Europa League, I’d absolutely love it especially playing some other opponents than just Barcelona and Dortmund all the time.

I’d love to play teams like Lyon, Roma, Ajax etc. Ok sure, you’d have to play you’re random eastern European minnows and whatnot, but still.


No on both counts Benitez won the CL with Liverpool and eventually got sacked.
Being 5 times winners done nothing for them last time they exited the group stage.
Do think there pedigree does add a little on european nights tbf at times.
We have not had enough of them in the last 20 years.


What does he mean? Arsenal Is the shining light on top of the football hill that everyone aspires to be. Making tons of money, a big sum of that on the backs of the fans, and not spending much of it. We’re the last great hope for football.


or swim in treacle! :smile:

What I think is, you can go all ‘Quantum Leap’ on this :sunglasses:but we’ll never know the effect Arsenal winning it would’ve had

e.g. Would Henry have stayed longer? and had a better subsequent season. Or would he have left regardless because of David Dein


It would also add some excitement to the season. At least for me. Even if we’re ‘degraded’. We’re not going to compete for the Premier League nor the Champions League anyway. Next season will be the same as the 4 seasons before that.


Really don’t care if we sign world class players, if the rest stays mediocre :laughing:.

On a more serious note, I don’t need to see the Griezmann’s of this world tbf, I would be glad if we could manage to sign young players with perspective like a Fekir. Just some change.


I’d be real happy with someone like Lacazette, even if half his goals are penalties.


Apart from the final result the UEFA cup 2000 was brilliant…


Say what you want about Piers but I’m finding it very hard to argue against him atm.


Too late Ash the mess is here. To stay.


Deal done. Our chief Tony Pulis confirms it.


He is speaking hard truth .


Even VW want him gone.


Good luck with that. :sunglasses:


Maybe not, as you are watching me closely :xhaka:


“I would like him to stay. I associate Arsenal with his name

Of course you do Bacary! If I was at Manchester City I would as well.


Sagna is looking for a move back to London…


We’ll probably be at Sagna’s level by next season anyway :laughing:

Left us on his way up the career ladder, comes back to us on the way down


Bacary respects the man so much and his ambition he decided to walk on a free transfer post the 2014 FA cup.


Arséne F.C.