Arsène Wenger


I struggle with one life Mac.Lol.
I wouldn’t have a clue how to two.Lol.


Likewise AUssie.
I’ve seen some poor arsenal teams over the last forty plus years, but i’ve never ever been so low I wouldn’t want to watch them.
Wenger has a lot to answer for.
But I have also been predicting Wenger is an incompetent buffoon for years.
Having had my whinge I would laught my thermal long John’s off if he signed the contract.Lol
Let the anti arsenal wenger lovers live with his incompetence.


Hes one clever bastard here if hes going for a 1 year contract.
Hed basically be garnishing up his 2 year deal by going on a rolling contract.
Have to say that I know longer by his love of this club. Think hes just an egotist now and thinks this clubs owes him.


What is so important about all those things you have listed?
I would have though that, unless you’re happy with Europa League football, having someone different doing all those jobs would be preferable.


Great blog from arseblog this morning. Absolutely can’t wait to listen to the arsecast extra tonight!


As much as I would like to believe that Wenger will be gone by the end of this season, I just can’t see it happening. After such a long association with the club, some of it being extremely successful, can anyone see a stubborn man like Arsene leaving the club in what has been his worst season at the helm of the club? Not everyone can go out on a high like Ferguson but what sort of a legacy will he be leaving if he went out with a whimper. If you think about it, someone like Arsene, will take this as a challenge, to try and prove to the fans and the rest of the world that he still has what it takes, and will refuse to be hounded out like he is being now. And if he has so much of faith, misplaced or not, on players like Ramsey, Theo and before them Alumnia, Denilson, Chamakh, how much of faith do you think he has in his own abilities? Just can’t see the man packing up and leaving like that.

Wouldn’t be surprised by a 1 year extension.


I think we’ll all find Wenger will sign for another year , have a clear out in the summer and will be given 100 million to reverse the situation . In which time Koeman will be monitored ready to take over .
I can’t honestly see Wenger walking leaving the team in a mess .


Hes not capable of fixing it though mate.


i agree that wenger would not want to leave the club in its current state - but he is not the man too turn it around


Do you expect Wenger to place his faith in bang average footballers to prove people wrong ? Or do you think he might actually stop dithering in the transfer maker lol.


If Wenger announced he was retiring at the end of the 2017/18 season would people accept that? If he comes out and says he doesn’t want to leave Arsenal in its current state and wants to give the club a bit of time to get a new infranstructure in place, would people be OK with him staying for the extra year knowing that it’s definitely the last year and that that year would be spent planning for the future?


Nah not really as he should already be out tbh and he won’t fix anything next year, it will be just wasting another year when we need to be rebuilding.


It’s only going to get worse though. Alexis, Ozil and one and two others will leave this summer. He won’t be able to bring in the top class talent to fill their places without top 4 football. I can’t see him changing his penny pinching ways either, he will make excuses about the Transfer market. He blame the media and fan’s for were the club are right now. He won’t change his tactics. He’s going to lead the club downwards even worse then he’s doing now.

Also expect a Arsenal PR blitz, about war chests, that we will win the league, also Ivan will be trying his usual cover up the cracks tour trying to win fans over. But I doubt any of it will work. One defeat early into next season and the pressure back on him again and it will get worse.


I’ve never read Arseblog so angry. He is usually quite far on the light-hearted, humorous end of the fan spectrum, but I guess that just goes to show where we are right now.


No because teams above us are moving forward now and will be getting stronger.
Also were horrible to watch. Honestly think the next couple weeks we will see how far weve dropped.


Thinking about things was Wenger ever the man to build a winning team in the first place .
How many years did we hear the rebuilding excuse .
He inherited a winning mentality one which he has never been able to copy .


What makes him think he can change it? He is tactically inept and whatever formation we do start with goes out the window as soon as the whistle blows, its like a free for all…No Dicipline. He’d need a Don Howe type person to get him/us out of the crap we are in now and we all know he wouldnt stand for a person like that “helping him”.


Agreed with the above, a 1 year rolling contract is a weasel move. Leads to more uncertainty then each March/April about when his last bloody year will actually be.

Also not a fan of any ‘compromise’ re: bringing in technical directors and Dicky Law’s replacement now while Wenger is still here. Plan for the future and consider which support staff to recruit around the NEXT manager.

All this should’ve been started at least a year ago of course with Wenger’s full acceptance, but still he’s clinging on.

Just get the man out for the love of god :pray: Let’s not waste another 12 months before the true rebuild can begin


Any scenario with Wenger staying is a massive fuck you from the board and from him himself.

I don’t care for assertions of how much he, “loves the club” if that was the whole truth he would step aside and accept he can’t take the club forward whatsoever.

The players are clearly disillusioned and aren’t playing for him, normally during this time they would at least be pulling themselves together in the race for top four, however, we’re in fucking free fall with no end in sight.

Genuine change can only occur when he leaves, until then the rot will fester even further.


Nothing really changes until Wenger is gone. He has to leave so i would be very unhappy with any sort of extension.