Arsène Wenger


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Did he? I seen it on my timeline there and thought it was funny.

How do you remember this shit mysty?! lol
[/quote]He sure did :wink:

I remember giving it a like, how’s I remember it. Nonetheless, the clip is a worthy bump in these dire times :wilshere:


Because it’s Ric Flair. Who wouldn’t remember seeing it.



One publication reckons he’ll do a comprimised deal that would see him do one more season, instead of two…


We’d be 3 years into the new project now if Wenger stepped down when he won the 2014 FA Cup. It felt like the right time.



No Surprise him staying, but damn I wouldn’t want to be his or the boards shoes when they announce it, the shit storm that come their way will be huge. Expect the usual Arsenal P.R on overdrive of big signings, Wenger changing his ways and it be different next season. Wenger bashing away questions of his detractors, the same old lines he likes to throw out etc…

One thing, they better not announce it during the remaining of this season. I could imagine the abuse he and the board will get. Leave it until the season’s over if they know whats good for them. Add on Alexis and Ozil probably leaving with one or two others, which will add to the fuel to the fire. One defeat starting next season and he’s back on the shit heap.

Sad days ahead for us Arsenal fans.


Brings this old classic to mind:


Where’s this apparent certainty coming from?

because it’s a broadsheet coming up with some quote-free speculation rather than the Daily Star?



That. Is. Brilliant. :joy:

Brings to mind his actual regeneration. “I could do so much more” “I don’t wanna go”. Wenger is The Doctor. :no_mouth:


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:


Reports surfacing that Tuchel has been approached (Bild)


It’s looking likely that some friendly reporters were briefed that he wants to stay.

If he does indeed announce that he’s signing a two year extension and it will be his last I will be absolutely furious. He’s done nothing to earn this latest extension.

I don’t know how much more Arsenal I can bear to watch this season. He really has sucked all the joy out of it.


I mean, it’s time for him to go. But to be frank. the players are the bigger let downs for me.


You do realise Liverpool are currently better than us? They are also heading on an upwards trajectory whilst we are on a downwards one.


Actually Wenger does not need to quit… I don’t care much now…
I will just quit Arsene FC.


I hope that by ‘quit’ you mean take a break. It’s the hardest time I can remember to be a fan of this club, and more of the same seems just inconceivable. I can respect the need to get some distance if Wenger is still in charge next season, but I hope you can keep the passion alive, somewhere deep down. Then when real change comes along you can bring it out of hibernation, and get back on the rollercoaster which in recent times has just felt like an endless morning commute on a crowded bus to a job you hate. If that makes sense :woj:


Yep, it is right for once. Just make up your mind once and for all.


If I do quit, I mean it.
The team and manager have disappointed me enough.

I am not even asking the team to win… I want some good football, some good tactics, good substitutions, a team that is willing to fight and a team that is good enough to challenge.

This is my 7th season supporting Arsenal, and everything is just rinse and repeat, I am really sick and tired of the out dated tactics, endless side passing/possession, wasted transfer period, missing out players, 70th minute substitutions, no plan B, consistent inconsistency, bluffing the mental strength… such and such. For the past 7 seasons we had never acted like a team that we/Wenger expected.

When there was no pressure, the season is decided, we played good.
When the pressure was on, we played shit, players randomly turned off or got hot head and sent off.
I don’t have that many 7-years to waste.


Been a supporter for 30+ years now. I will never stop supporting Arsenal. But if this man stays another season I will not renew my membership, not travel to see them and won’t buy any official merchandise. Not that the club gives a shit, or will be affected the slitest by my micro yearly contribution, but what else can I do.
Enough is enough. Been repeating that for 8-9 seasons now. What a waste.


I’d never quit this club, it’s been part of my life for nearly 20 years now watching at night at all hours and travelling to Europe twice and watching us live several times. I’m at my lowest morale since I became a fan in 1998 and I’m watching with less emotion ATM but I will always be a fan of this club.