Arsène Wenger


He will get rid of the players he think’s clearly aren’t behind him. Maybe throw one or two of his coaching staff under the bus to blame them on this season’s form. Will try to get the press like his buddy John Cross to back him when Alexis and Ozil leave to make them out to be the bad guys and him the victim. Get his buddy Ivan out on the road to try and patch things up with fan’s who want him out.

I honestly think getting top 4 again will be like winning the PL for him and the board.


Imagine the reaction after a defeat on the first day of the season with this man still in charge :joy:


This international break is going to be more tedious than usual. The entire situation around this club at the moment is a farce.


The only scenario in which Wenger leaves this season is if he mans up, admits he can’t take us any further, and leaves with his legacy tarnished in someway, but with the love and respect of most of the fans. This of course means he would be leaving us in shambles, admitting defeat. Can we honestly see Arsene do that? The only other way he goes is if the board tells him to go and we know that won’t happen. I am hoping that for once, Arsene isn’t his usual stubborn self, out to prove the world wrong, and just does the right thing but I won’t hold my breath.


Sadly this will also mean that a lot of the current players who are simply not good enough will be offered new contracts as Wenger clearly seems to rate and trust them. It’s a shame really as we won’t be able to move them on for decent money once they’re comfortable at Arsenal.


So he doesn’t know what is going on among our fans? Christ! Does he read the newspapers or watch the television?


If he stays its worth having a punt on finishing below 10th. Imagine trying to play a whole season with a lost dressing room.


We saw how that worked for Mourinho and Ranieri in the last two seasons…

And they were title winning teams lol.


That part of it is the biggest mystery of all to me.

I know it seemed like Wenger’s ‘lost the dressing room’ after recent performances, but then we know the hold that this man has over these players and let’s not forget these are mostly people in their early-mid 20s. I think some of this lot are so used to Wenger’s loyalty towards them that they have sort of turned a blind eye to his failings, perhaps ignoring him altogether and just adopting a blind faith that ‘someday soon the Boss will get it right’

I’m pretty sure I know what Sanchez thinks about Wenger’s coaching ability, but I’d love to ask Ramsey, Walcott, Koscielny behind closed doors

If the whole squad doesn’t rate him anymore and he is kidding himself that they do - or is too egotistical to see it - then we are in serious trouble next season surely?

A Leicester / Chelsea situation except we can’t sack our manager to make the problem go away


As much as we all think the board is useless the media pressure and toxic atmosphere and poor results will force them to act.
There might be fall out but im sure it will come. My biggest concern as always is not giving him another roll here.
Its all or nothing for me.
Getting to the stage that any dignified exit or appreciation for him has gone.





Yeah. :rolling_eyes:


Scenes imagine we are 16th in the league come December 2017 like Chelsea were in December 2015.


A relegation scrap might be quite fun actually. Just look at the faces of fans come the last day of the season when their team survive by the skin of their teeth. You can’t buy that kind of joy :grinning:


Imagine we win the league with no Europe next season.

What am I saying FFS.


Happier times. Should’ve gone back then, Monsieur Wenger.


Sitting in on my lunch break and this got me. :joy::joy::joy::joy: Fantastic


We have the reverse Wenger… Barry Allens a right cunt…


if Giroud is destined to morph into Hugh Jackman then Sanchez can gtfo, +1 to the Wenger IN column plz :sunglasses: