Arsène Wenger


I’m no big fan of our board but how can you blame them for Wenger’s decision making?
He is hopeless in the transfer market, he dithers over almost every decision
He plays players out of position, he has players that even after several seasons still doesn’t know their best position.
He repeats the same mistakes every season, picking the same players that aren’t good enough and persisting with players that are constantly injured.

How is that the boards fault?


Watzke is CEO of Dortmund, not team manager. Sammer hasn’t been at Bayern since july (due to his stroke), Rummenigge is CEO, Hoeneß president and Breitner absolutely nothing.
If the rest of this list is compiled as carefully as these two clubs, it is rather ridiculous.
And if you name guys like Watzke and Rummenigge for Dortmund and Bayern, you also have to name Gazidis for us.


Ok, probably some roles are not correct, but they are present every day behind their team.


He repeats the same mistakes every season, picking the same players that aren’t good enough and persisting with players that are constantly injured.

How many times have you said this? @InvincibleDB10


I’m against the board because they don’t support him apart offering the contract extensions to cover their immense weakness, to leave him free to make right and bad decisions.

The next manager will be an Arsène Wenger, he will not stay here for 20 years, he will not refuse other opportunities, he will not love the club, he will not be the umbrella of Gazidis, Kroenke and the rest.

If they want to change mentality and build a structure as we need, I will show to them all my support.

Only the time and the decisions will clarify that. I’m waiting…


You keep saying the board won’t support him but this is just not true. How do the board not support him?

Start listing examples and provide a shred of evidence otherwise stop posting the conjecture.


Tell me when Gazidis talked publicly about Wenger (useless to mention Kroenke and his son) during this season.


And i thought i was childish… Boo hoo…


Thought it was a lovely gesture by the spuds to pay for that “in Arsene we trust banner” that flew over the ground.
Showed real quality.


My oh my…All of sudden this board believes Wenger should leave the club. Back when i was saying this (along with some other members) we couldn’t possible want…our “greatest manager of alltimes” out of Arsenal. What did i tell you guys? Wenger is a joke and should have been sacked in 2011 or having the awareness to leave in 2014. Now…forget it, he deserves every insult throw at him, the man is a joke.

Also, have you been enjoying city’s season? What did i told you guys…Guardiola isn’t a brilliant manager. He still hasn’t grasped that the reason he was successfull at Barcelona was because he had the right players on the right time for those tactics and approach, not because those tactics are in any way shape or form superior on their own. One trick pony being exposed against the likes of Pochettino and Jardim on the CL. And you guys wanted him here managing Arsenal… :smiley: What a joker.


Yep. As of Saturday. We had a vote.


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