Arsène Wenger


A change of direction is desperately needed. The modalities (judging what the fucking WOB are doing and how the board think to make Arsenal better in a future without Arsène Wenger) for me are under discussion.

I want to change to be better, not to become the new Liverpool.

Arsène off → Allegri on → same mentality of Gazidis and co. = in my opinion never will change. We will remain in the limbo.

Arsène off → Allegri on → new direction from the board = we will have all the chance to win everything because fresh and new air is needed and our current manager deserves to be replaced after twenty outstanding years because lost his magic touch.

Arsène off → Howe or an unknow like him on = totally disaster.

Board members don’t want to change their plans to step forward → Arsène in: good news because the limbo for me is better than to be the new Liverpool.


Ok, if you say so.
Or should I say, tell me to.
It’s a shame you couldn’t see what Wenger was doing to the club a few seasons ago.
Still, like Wenger, you think you know best.


i am just asking you to stop repeating yourself.



In all this you go completely beyond our other (maybe bigger) problems we have with Wenger, like our performance on the pitch, and the development of players. Or are you going to claim those things are going wrong because Wenger has no backing from the board?
You know, the things that are his primary responsibility.


Pitch problems will be solved with a top manager (Allegri, not Howe). I’m worried about the rest which for me is important like the football question.


I think maxi stares at goats…
The more he says it the more we will believe it. Wenger is the guvnor end of…


Has he resigned yet?


Not until the board show him some love then he can go happy…


My question are:

Who will train the players?

Who will discuss the wages?

Who will send scouts to watching players?

Who will talk with incoming players?

Who will start the negotiations with other clubs?

Who will ask about the developing of our academy?

The answer for the last twenty years (with the important help of David Dein) is Arsène Wenger.

Max Allegri can solve brillantly the pitch problems, but for the rest?


Email that to Arsenal. Im sure no one on here can answer those questions…

David Dein was a thief it wasnt just GG.


God damn it, this is NOT the fucking fans problem that is what Gazidis and the others are there for. Do you think that Chavski or any other club sit there and shit their pants when sacking a manager saying but but but but who will teach the kids? What they do is hire the new manager and then ask ‘who do you want for XYZ’ then they bloody hire them…not fucking difficult!

You do realise Arsenal is a club of many members and has been around for well over 100 years I highly doubt if Wenger leaves the club will just implode and be derelict in 3 months stop shitting yourself about semantics they probably would have been sorted out beforehand.


I can answer them. Whoever the club hires to do so.


“Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.”


We have to take this risk, tbh. It can go well or bad, we don’t know. But we surely have to move on.


Is not a problem for a passive fan. I love football and my references are Ajax 1970, AC Milan under Sacchi and Capello, Barça under Guardiola and Cruyff, Juventus, Bayern Munich. Every team has a great organization behind the manager.

If you think to win without any organization, please, stop to play with Fifa because we’re talking about real football.


And what are the tasks you see for new director? Because you say they need to ‘support’ him, but I don’t see anything concrete that says that isn’t the case. If anything they do support him, Gazidis f.e. is appointed to do the negotiations for Wenger. Wenger said that him self. You might need to accept the fact that how current situation is because of Wenger and his decisions and not the boards.

Now to be fair we don’t know how Arsenal will be run after he leaves, because we simply don’t know.


Right, WE DON’T KNOW, but according to many people we will be 100% better.


Jesus, you think that the board will sack wenger or let him go then just sit on their hands and not know where they are going or who they will hire or ask what organisation they want to work with. I know some people dont trust the board but this is just fucking dumb after all any businessman no matter how much you hate them will want the best for their ‘asset’ or they will lose money…it will be sorted out one way or another!


You don’t think a manager who can send a proper team out on the pitch can, even if it is slightly, make us better?

Improvement is never guaranteed, but we’re at a point that we can not take that risk. I for one am sick about how predictable and boring our football has become. Arsenal right now is without inspiration and ideas, that alone justifies the change for another manager. The football is just bad, let alone the results.

You didn’t answer the question. How does this board not support Wenger? If anything he has their FULL support.


They offered a new contract because they are not capable to help the club to step forward.