Arsène Wenger


Why conceded to Gazidis and Law to buy Welbeck when he was in Rome?

A board should sign a sporting director or football figures, not the manager.


yeah and then what…you get a pissed off manager that feels like the people have gone behind his back and signed people he didnt want. At this point we were not stable enough to piss off someone that was helping us keep afloat, but now he is taking this piss and it is clear to see!


Why should we believe Wenger wasn’t 100% on board with that signing? Because he was in a different country? He pulls the wool easily over some eyes i guess.

And yes, the board should sign a sporting director but they are not going to do so against Wengers wishes. The search was in Wengers hands (rightly or wrongly) and he chose to do it himself.


He was in the affaire, but delegated because trusted in their qualities to sign Welbeck.


You should listen his interview with BT Sport. He needs support from the board (which is absent).


Arsène Wenger, who was in Rome at a charity football match, had been determined to reinforce his attacking options following the loss through injury of Olivier Giroud until 2015 and eventually sanctioned a £16 million bid.

If he didnt want him he wouldnt have given the green light.


I’m done listening to him. Like I say, he can still pull the wool over some eyes easily.


Maxi is trying to make the situation look a lot worse than it is :joy:. We only lack a sporting director and Luke Hobbs is currently running the academy on an interim basis until we replace Jonker.

Btw, I’m sure Wenger has said in a press conference he would not work with a sporting director…


Oh yes…

A manager which we don’t know if he will sign or he will leave when other clubs are already searching players and planning for the next season, an absent board (where is Gazidis?), no sporting director, no team manager, no academy manager (ad interim figure are useless) and our best players ready to leave the club.

Oh yes, I make the situation worse than it is.


It’s plain as day that Wenger runs the club the way he wants to. If he was so passionate about his need for support he wouldn’t be signing new contract after new contract.

He can have whatever he wants. Whatever staff, whatever players. The notion that he has no support is literally the last bit of paltry defence his most ardent supporters can possibly afford him.


Why wouldn’t he appoint someone then? Wenger is responsible for anything football related at the club so appointing someone for footballing matters isn’t going to cut into the decision making of the board but would do so with the competences Wenger has. Surely that becomes a case of him not wanting someone then or are you going to argue that the board don’t want appoint a sporting director over a couple million more spent on management level or because they think it’s nice to just have Wenger do everything?


Maxi doesn’t know what to think anymore. One minute Wenger must go, the next he needs support, the next he can only stay if the board back him with all of the things that they’d back him with anyway if he asked for it lol.


I know what I want.

I want a new manager if our board will help him like they didn’t do that with Arsène Wenger.

I want Arsène Wenger until his last day if the board will refuse to change mentality.


He hasn’t wanted the support, all he’s ever wanted is Dick Law.

I think he’s pointing towards the club never hiring a sporting director, but Wenger himself has always been against the idea.


Hold up

Is there any evidence that the board won’t help him? I’m so confused as to where you’ve got this from. Because I can’t think of anything that would lead you to believe the board aren’t helping him lol.

Was it the board who didn’t sign a single outfield player in 2015 and thought a team that weren’t in the title race the season before that would suddenly be good enough to win the title the following season?

Or hold up, maybe the board thought it would be a good idea to strengthen two positions that desperately needed strengthening but would wait until the last day of the transfer window to do it.

Or maybe the board forced Wenger’s hand in all of the terrible tactical and personnel decisions Wenger has made over the years.


Yeah but that’s the problem, Wenger doesn’t want one. If he wanted one he would be given one by board that pays him more money than almost every single manager in the world earns. The board value Wenger tremendously. It’s so obivous to see.


If Wenger wanted something, the board would have got him it.

Simple. if he wanted a DoF, he would have got one.

Also shame on Maxi for forgetting the efforts of our man Dick Law, SHAME :jakey:


Jeez!, might have to follow the ladies team instead…


Scenes this thread is like Maxi vs OA :joy:


I think there are 2 maxi’s one pro, one anti…