Arsène Wenger


Oh fuck me he cant do anything right can he. :smile:


not anymore…
from the man himself, hes picked his successor…YMCA


Fans of other clubs absolutely love that ‘Wenger In, Wenger Out’ GIF, as it means they can portray us as fickle (the ultimate footballing insult going apparently :laughing:), changing our mind 3 or 4 times a season, when the majority of people I know simply went from Wenger In --> Wenger Out at some defined point and have stayed that way since


mass suicides a coming…


AKB-ism is fighting back on the BBC comments page!

“Greatest Arsenal manager in my lifetime. The ignorant Wenger Out brigade seem to be the ones who never saw the good old days of 1-0 to the Arsenal, or an FA Cup run being a good season. Thanks for all you have done for my club Mr Wenger, stay as long as you can tolerate the idiots who know no better.”

“What a disgraceful lot you Arsenal fans are. This man built your club. There isn’t a more consistent manager in world football. You’re a deluded bunch of whinging losers. You somehow think you have a divine right to win trophies yet when you do you still don’t thank the manager. After Barcelona Arsenal play the best football in the world, because of Wenger. Your arrogant views will be your downfall”



Yes we know the risks of going into transition with a new manager. But at least it will be different. The last decade has been rinse repeat bar the two FA Cups. The club needs new life and a new leader. Wenger is a very good manager but all good things must come to an end, however that ending may be. Arsene looks tired, go rest you’ve deserved it.


Before I say what I’m gonna say…I think its time for Wenger to go, I’m not a AKB or wanting him to stay now…clearly it is time for change, and it must happen and soon as possible…

However what those fans are saying is mostly correct…pre Wenger, even in GG days, we were never so ‘entitled’ to be expecting to win the League…last time we were pre Wenger was in the 30’s…its only under Wenger we have become a club that expects to challenge for the league…before that I remember the early 80’s where a FA semi was the best we ever got !


If he’s not managing here next year he will replace Enrique and Barcelona or Madrid will sack zidane and he will be managing their

We will replace him with some wanker and you’ll all be crying


Genuinely hope all the Wenger cultists fuck of with him.


We could replace him with SpongeBob SquarePants and I will still definitely not be crying!


Who knows, a new manager could come in and do what Conte has done at Chelsea

I’d be surprised if plans are not already in motion to replace Wenger. Everyone at the club must be able to see he is a beaten man now and cant take the team further

Id also be surprised if he ended up at Barca or Madrid


@aboucuellar hey just a quck question, for curiosity purposes. How do you say Barcelona4thetreble in Catalan? :santi2:


it’s easy to say that now


I’d be happy for him if he achieves success with them tbh. Maybe a change of scenery will benefit us both. Because with us he has clearly reached the end of the road.


No one should be unreceptive to change at this point.

The club needs to build upon his work and its time for a new man to finish what Wenger started.

Im completely sold on Allegri.


Has allegri not said he will be staying at juve next season?


Wenger to Paris then hopefully


If they want to win the Champions League, what there main goal is I imagine after 4 League titles, they shouldn’t go for Wenger.



Not a clue. Can’t imagine any manager that wouldnt jump at the chance to come here though.


Hard one to call. Give him a team that’s a bit down in the dumps and would he fail? A team that’s playing shit with a shouty manager, maybe they’d appreciate the Wenger approach for a while. On paper he’s finished in the top 4 for 20 years and there are plenty of clubs who’d like a bit of that. Sure maybe it won’t be Madrid calling this time (or maybe it will? Who knows) but a half decent club willl probably take a shot.

His time here is up but it doesn’t mean he’s not a competent football manager.

He might not take Barca to the treble but give him an outsider for two years and does he leave then in a better position than when he took the job? I’d guess probably yes?