Arsène Wenger


Despite everything, I will so miss You Arsene :cry: :cry:


Yes and lets not forget they did give us our first bumholing of the season but this could be the match that determines his future so he might just do something to prevent it. I hope he does we need to beat them


Gazidis doesnt want to cow tow to Wenger but Wenger outfoxed him and effectively has sidelined him so Gazidus just keeps giving him the rope . The lonely tower Wenger has created and sat in is entirely of his own making .He has nowhere turn moreover he has no-one to turn to as he has surrounded himself with fools and charlatans . Steve Bould should step up now and take some pressure off but he wont . He will just sit there doing nothing.The wenger gravy train will be coming off the rails for boro and all the minions.


It really feels like end game territory now.


Just want him to announce that he’s quitting ASAP. It would be wonderful if we can then get behind him and go on to win the cup like we did 3 years ago when it was also the last year of his contract.

Think we’re pretty nailed on for 5th/6th as well tbh, but oh well. I don’t care at this point, just want the new era to begin. Won’t even be mad if Alexis/Ozil leave for Bayern/Juve/PSG. I’m expecting it actually.


Looks to me like the newspapers have been briefed


The same newspapers that feed us a bunch of transfer rumor BS? Get ahold of yourself Cal. I know you are chomping at the bit for Arsene to leave, but putting any faith in these rags is only going to disappoint you.


Damn, I really think he’s going


At some stage in the next few weeks there will be an article on why he should stay.
Add a bit of toxicity at the ground and we will get the usual disgrace comments by ex pros and the mood will change.
How we finish this season will be key. Hes a strong individual and survivor for all his faults.
Life without us is a major stumbling block for him. Performances against Liverpool and Spurs could be key for him as there both very high profile games.


Hes finally created a team that can finish below them… Hes job is done…


Wenger with the least surprising comment of the day.


I had a little bit of hope, but it was to be expected. I don’t know if it’s something to get angry about or just sad.


England or France manager perhaps?

Can’t see him managing another top club. Unless PSG becomes available. Maaaybe Monaco.


Nah. If he is going to manage it will be here.


He’s going to stay at club level. I can’t imagine Wenger doing national team coaching as it would be too much of hands off and scouting, which I can’t see happening in his case. He’s too invested in the day to day business to be jetting around every week.


I think everyone feels the same. He is our greatest manager ever.


Wenger as Barca manager lol


Imagine the scenes if Wenger wins the Champions League with a different team


And smashing us, lol!


Dont like his tone…As much as hes done for this club this club also put him on the map…