Arsène Wenger


Exactly. I would say it’s 70% Wenger’s fault, 30% the board’s.



yeah… that is pretty shambolic attempt at Trump-like spin…

“It is mutual”

“Ummm, but he has a contract in hand and you won’t withdraw it?”


“So what happens if he signs it?”

“I think what the American people really want to know is how did we get the Brexit vote so wrong?”


I don’t think it’s a spin. Knowing how intertwined and informal the board and Wenger relationship is, that scenario in quite plausible actually.


Well there’s talk of Alexis to Juventus, and there’s talk of the Juventus coach to Arsenal. Is Alexis going to choose to play for Allegri at Juventus, but refuse to play for him at Arsenal because he isn’t Wenger?

How many players have actually left a club because of a new coach arriving (and not just because the new coach wants rid of them)? Maybe 6-12 months into their reign if they don’t get on with them or they’re being dropped or the team is playing like shit, or maybe even straight away if they didn’t have any respect for Eddie Howe or Gareth Southgate but if we were to bring in a proven coach and offer them good contracts and Ozil and Sanchez decided they wanted to leave then they would just be making excuses IMO.

And also what if he stays and they still decide to go? There was talk of them going and they weren’t signing new deals long before Wenger was under this pressure. And what about the guys like Bellerin, Koscielny etc. who have signed deals already when these are players that genuinely owe a lot to Wenger for their careers, why are they happy to stay with Wenger’s future up in the air? I just really doubt that our better players staying is genuinely tied to Wenger staying.


I’m along the same lines as yourself, MM. But a couple of handy wins in the next few weeks and I bet you’ll see a few on here switch into AKB mode.:wenger:


Just how badly is this club missing David Dein .
Wrighty said it was bad for the club and it stands today .


Yeah that does sound pretty reasonable.

You never know though, they might look at Wenger leaving and then the mess that United have been in since SAF left and say “yeah fuck that noise”


That’s it. David Dein would have helped Wenger a lot.


If you knew the history of Deins association with The Arsenal you would realise.
Sol Campbell being one for example. Boy couldn’t we do with a leader like Sol now !


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that entire show, including Craig Burley, can fuck off.

Not because I disagree with his opinion, but that show is just tripe.


Dein wrote his own ticket out of the club. Regardless his intentions it’s his own doing that he’s not still here. I wonder how their working relationship would have been following Deins son’s dealings as an agent with the club in the intervening years.

Regardless, Dein could have easily been replaced, Wenger could have hand picked that guy but it wasn’t what he wanted.


Great article from Tim Stillman


You’ve given me the history on Dein before and from what I understand he cashed out and kind of sold out, so be it. I’ve been harping on having a Dein like figure on top of the food chain for years now. Doesn’t have to necessarily be Dein, but someone with some backbone that doesn’t just defer to Wenger like the management currently does.


Very good post my friend .
Spot on .


Well, Dein was never head of the food chain. Him and Wenger were a tight and formidable partnership. Dein never forced Wenger into anything, but he did talk him into things.

Wenger taking instruction probably wouldn’t work which is why I say Wenger could have picked the guy to replace Dein, but he didn’t want to.


Not the contract extension we gave Abou Diaby IN SPITE of him conspiring against his own team to fuck us over in that Newcastle match? Rosicky was complicit as well that game always smelled like shit to me. I ever an Arsenal game that the fix was in on it was that one.


Exactly my thought watching last night. Wish we could have played them last month.


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