Arsène Wenger


I’d be genuinely delighted for him.


Wenger is still a top manager, but his cycle at Arsenal has come to an end and that’s the sad truth.

Just like Klopp cycle at Dortmund, or Pep’s at Barcelona… and so on


I would shit the bed from joy and wholeheartedly support them in their campaign, and i hate Barcelona




[quote=“Phoebica, post:4108, topic:125”]
We could replace him with SpongeBob SquarePants and I will still definitely not be crying!
[/quote]At least Spongebob would be able to get the defence to soak up more pressure than Wenger could.


He’s a top economist and shitty tactician who after all these years failed to adapt to today’s football. He was an innovator at some point, but now he’s a dinosaur like someone mentioned.


It sounded a bit like a farewell, tbf. Read his words carefully.


They aren’t mutually exclusive points. This has been beaten to death on this board.

AW is a legend - greatest of all time Arsenal manager. Changed the club and the league in important ways and kept us up against the odds as we entered relative austerity.

But he isn’t the manager to lead us into new era, for many reasons discussed here. All legends have their time and all hope for a graceful exit - many don’t get it.


Yeah, and then your alarm clock will go off.


Just now we’re starting the succession plan?



teeheehee was waiting for the first one of these…

It honestly sounds sincere as well… while I am sure they have a set of managers “in mind,” it is very doubtful that they weren’t planning very confidently in at least one more AW contract.

Not impressed.


Imagine if he did go to Barcelona or Real Madrid, and after every transfer window saying, "there were no players available that met with our valuation, or the classic “we tried.”

Or explaining to supporters that after four seasons we couldn’t find a better striker than Giroud," and then see how tolerant the supporters and board of those clubs are.


As others have said I would honestly love that for him.

Think him going would he good for him too, would get that fire under his belly back.


Wenger’s first signings as Barca manager: Verratti, Hazard and Bonucci.

Image that :mustafi:


If that happened he should be kicked in his saggy wrinkly mansack!


Wenger in the past has talked about managing his small home town team once he leaves Arsenal ‘so managing Arsenal or somewhere else next year’ hints at that. I don’t see him starting a new project like Barce or PSG


Strasbourg are fighting to get promoted to the Ligue 1.


And next year they may have a shot at 4th. Imagine that!


That’s for our german boys @CunningLinguist and @Persona :mustafi: