Arsène Wenger


Unfair and bitter? Bullshit.

He gets paid all that money and essentially underachieves, bringing the value of him as a manager into question is perfectly valid and goes to what he is paid to manage the club also particularly since over the years the question of value has been one of his go to buzzwords for not spending in the market.

As for winning the FA cup he should have gone after that, it was clear as day that was the apex of what he could achieve. Reasons for consistent failures went way deeper than just money. No surprise it “hasn’t worked out it” as you put it.


Completely agreed with your post up until this point here. He’s one of the highest paid managers in the world and his results do not befit the salary he is on.


Money, power and pride are the only reasons he’s still the Arsenal manager. He’s smart enough to know he can’t take us further.

He’s a selfish cunt who has tarnished his own legacy. Sooner we see the back of him the sooner this club can finally move forward.


Wenger is no different to any person on this forum thinking he has the answer for success.

Minus circumstances, i.e. the board/owner getting it all wrong.

Dont hate him for not walking away from Arsenal, no man on this forum would walk away, don’t expect him to either. He lives and breaths Arsenal. Hate the club for allowing him to be responsible in the first place.


He’s a grown ass man and soon to be 70 at that, putting it all on the board is bollocks.

He should have known deep down he should walk away, the board humours him sure, however, he is culpable also.


This isn’t all Wenger’s fault.

You’re an old man, past retirement age but you’ve lived like a monk and you still have the energy to work. You’ve had the same job and lived in the same place for two decades so you probably don’t want to move.

You’re not doing particularly well at your current job but you still love it. You work in an industry where job security is nonexistent and your peers last two years if they’re lucky. Then your employer sticks an 8 million pound contract in front of you and begs you to sign it. Just one more Arsene, go on.

What do you do? Retire too soon but appear noble? Take a safe but shit job like West Ham? What if it’s not available - Southampton? Schalke? Or carry on with the same old, getting paid, managing a top team, being in the CL?

If he still has the energy to be a football manager, he’ll be Arsenal’s manager if he’s allowed to be. He won’t not sign a contract because of the fans or his reputation. It’s the perfect job and nobody walks out on the perfect job for some kind of perceived greater good. I really doubt Wenger sits up at night saying “man that Allegri is such a better coach than I am. Arsenal would be so much better off if I resigned and he came in”. This is the man that shipped 8 goals in a game and made Ashley Young look like Cristiano fucking Ronaldo. Everyone will soon forget that we lost 5-1 away to Bayern and even if Wenger does consider his future it won’t be this game that did it. It’s not like we’ve not lost 5-1 to Bayern before.

The decision about him staying shouldn’t be in his hands. You can’t blame him for not resigning. If I was him I’d retire and live the easy life, but if he feels there’s still life in him and he’s not retiring he’s got no reason to walk away. The same way you wouldn’t expect Flamini or Denilson to take half the pay to go to a weaker club that’s more their level when they’re still fit enough to play, but you’d 100% expect the club or coach to see Flamini and Denilson have no business being near our first team so we need to keep them away, even if it means a financial hit.


I’m at work, just want to know was one of those 3 things he said in the presser him announcing he’s standing down at seasons end ?


Wenger is taking 8 million a year as manager.
We joined this forum without getting paid.
What kind of comparison is that?
No one hates him here, and I am sure he is emotionally attached to the club, but don’t exaggerate his “love” of Arsenal.
If he dares to return his salary at the end of the season because the shit job that he has done, then you can say he really loves the club.


video in link


How long was it since we hadn’t lost a game by more than 2 goals @Arsenal4thetreble ? #progress


The question is how much do you really trust the board’s opinion on when Wenger should move over the opinion on Wenger when he’s done with the job. It’s really just shifting the responsibility from the football person to the business people and given that Arsenal is a football club I don’t know how wise that really is.


He is though.

Unless you’re going to tell me a4tt gets paid 8 million a year for being a useless, inept cunt?


You talk as if he was on less money the results would somehow become more acceptable.

It doesn’t matter if he’s on £8M or £1M, the bottom line is the results and his management have not been good enough. The concept of value for money doesn’t apply to managers


citation needed


Nothing to say that hasn’t already been said. We need a change but it ain’t coming anytime soon. And at the moment we are being left behind because of this manager. The game has changed and it has passed him by.

I would’ve rather see him go out a winner then see him lose defiantly like this. It’s doing nothing but hurting his legacy.



If he was paid a salary similar to other managers producing similar results to him you’d absolutely say he’s being paid in line with what’s expected of him. But he’s paid considerably more than plenty of managers who are winning trophies regularly. That’s a concern.


Got no English beer in England @JakeyBoy?


I drink lager. So the answer is going to have to be no lol

Edit: although to be fair there are a few local breweries who do good lagers, but you don’t find them canned in your local mini mart


Its more the club that dictates the standard of results, not the manager or his salary. I would be calling for his head over the last two years if he was doing this pro bono… it doesn’t f*ing matter what he is paid. All players and managers are paid a) what the market dictates and b) what their employer’s are willing to pay.

Results are related to means and stature - we are just one rung below the top and not progressing when we should.

He isn’t good enough… end of.