Arsène Wenger


Don’t be like that.

At least insult a few members intelligence while you’re here. I mean only an idiot would think Arsenal were going to do jack shit this season right?


Lol, I am useless and inept but no unfortunately I get paid a lot less than 8m per year.

Wenger should not sign an extension by the way. As i’ve said before a lot of times, he’ll step down when the time is right. Once again I didn’t blame him three years ago thinking he could go on from an FA cup win and signing a couple amazing players, and build upon that. So fair play to him. However yeah 6 years in a row now getting knocked out in the round of 16 is a pretty good indicator as well as letting the league slip in about the easiest opportunity to win it since i’ve been watching football. I will add in this caveat though. Give him Bayern’s team and they are massively better than anything we have to work with. He’s still proabably winning this tie.


Maybe we’ll put the statue of Wenger in the dugout and put the actual Wenger out in front of the Emirates. Same results for far less money. I’m sure Wenger will appreciate it.


I do lol. Sorry but this is fucking Groundhog Day part 50 just fucking quit. At this point he’s a guy off the street pretending to be a manager.


7 years in a row losing in the round of 16, I’m being pedantic I know :joy:



After sleeping on it, I’m officially a Wenger Out man. Before I was slightly on the fence and didn’t really care either way, but I think seeing the mental fragility of the side once again in a big game has tipped it over the edge for me. The most concerning thing was seeing the likes of Sanchez and Chamberlain wanting to press, but no else willing to join them resulting in them throwing a strop. The mentality of this team has GONE and they do not respect Wenger anymore, don’t care what they say in the media - if I was a player with heart and ambition I would hate to play here.

Firmly not a “Wenger get out of my club, you’re ruining it”, but more of a “Thanks for being an absolute legendary icon in the history of this club, but please it’s now time to go” type of WOB.


^ this 100%.


Not to mention none of us are applying for the Arsenal job. I don’t think I have the answer to our success, I just know Wenger isn’t it, and another manager is.


Big big problem now is the rest of the season. This has happened to us before but not with this amount of criticism. Weve given a performance to encourage every team left to play hope here.
Were going to be scrutinised to death now and I dont see this lot being able to cope tbh.
Any game on the road is particularly worrying, especially the likes of Liverpool and spurs. We literally could get over run at them grounds.
Factor in the relegation teams fighting now its going to be a hard watch. Even Sutton monday is a concern right now.
Need an announcement by the end of next week that hes standing down to get the fans united.
If this is not done there will be complete hostility at the ground and he will be damaging the club he loves.


It’s supporters like those, and only a season or so ago, the majority, that have kept Wenger in a job for so long.
If all supporters were like them, it would mean the board and Wenger could carry on dismantling the club for as long as they want.

This is nothing to do with getting thrashed by a well run, top European football club, who’s ambitions are more than making a profit.
This is about a manager who’s stubbornness and arrogance have seen repeating the same mistakes, with the same outcome, and watch the club get overtaken by all our rivals.

All this has been happening for several seasons, and yet Wenger has been defended constant by a large number of supporters who see him as never being able to do anything wrong.

I said a while ago that I thought we would struggle to get a top four place, but I have changed my mind.
We aren’t going to struggle at all, I would say finishing outside of the top four is almost assured and we will lose at least one of our best players.

The amazing thing about the game against Bayern Munich wasn’t the result but that after the game Wenger said, he can’t understand it and said we lacked mental strength.
He might as well say, I don’t know what I’m doing.

He is the only person in football that thought we had mental strength so it’s hardly a surprise when we proved we never had it.

It also proves that this team has stagnated to a level that I’m not sure even a Guardiola, Simeone or Klopp could sort out.


I used to get angry when we lost. Now I just shrug my shoulders (Gallic style), with a possible puff of cheeks and a roll of eyes. Admittedly, last night’s debacle prompted all 3 reactions, but let’s face it, we all knew it was coming. Season over…again.

Legacies work both ways.


Another one bites the dust. Welcome to the dark side.


Out of curiosity how many Wenger ins do we have left on the forum ? @Arsenal4thetreble @Kaner @Trion are 3 that automatically spring to mind.


THIS is his lowest point?!?!

Not the 8-2 to United, not the 5-1 to Liverpool, 6-3 to City or 6-0 to Chelsea? Not coming second to Leicester in the league? Not losing the League Cup final to Birmingham who then got relegated?!?! Not the first 5-1 to Bayern?!!


It’s the accumulation of all of those combined with the current toxic mood amongst fans that’s made this his lowest point.


Not the blowing a 4-0 lead vs Newcastle? Not the blowing a 3 goal lead at home to the mighty Anderlecht ?!


Lowest point so far


Me although I’m borderline. I don’t think we necessarily do better with another manager without plenty of investment. We may do worse with new management. Either way we’ll struggle to keep Ozil/Alexis. But he’s taken us as far as he can so I’m not sure of to the point of him continuing.

For me he’ll always have my support and loyalty and I’ll be sad when he leaves.

But his weakness (and strength) is loyalty to players and this place needs a radical shake up. That will be one thing to welcome. We need lots of comings and goings. It might not help, it might get worse but we need to get past groundhog day for the better or worse.


For me it was the 8-2 trashing from UTD and selling of our best player to our rivals (RVP) that did him in for me, the Cesc thing also left a sour taste with me with Wenger. I wasn’t shocked after that by whippings we took by Chelsea, Liverpool and Munich. His excuse after excuse for his side blowing league challenges mid way during seasons, celebrating top 4 like it’s a trophy, not been ruthless enough with players and in the transfer market. Been tactically inept. You really could go on.

I also think the club just needs a breath of fresh air, someone to bring life back to a club that’s lost it’s heart a long time ago. Someone who’s not a accountant rather a football man. Someone to bring pride back to the club we all love.

The sad thing is the board are leaving it up to him if he wants to stay, you think Roman at Chelsea would put up with this shit.