Arsène Wenger


Mate. Fuck off is that your livingroom table.


Didn’t dare! Pussy move I know but we overheard them saying eBay eBay! at someone who wanted their shirt signed, but they’d had it all day we were in the hotel bar with them. Got a photo with maldini and that’s it!


Being a bitch is pretty serious tbh.


So true, it sums us up perfectly. It’s got to be a Wenger thing, because we do this so often. Another manager comes away with a 1-2 loss, and has something to play for in the return leg. It was obvious it was going to be a rout the moment Kos came off, and Ospina was turding with it on the side-line. We always have a period where we go into headless chicken mode.


That all…

Its happened before and it will happen again…



Extremely short press conference from Arsene Wenger who said the last 25 mins was a ‘nightmare’ and described the team as ‘mentally jaded’.


If Wenger doesn’t walk at the end of the season like a predicted I will lose all respect for him. Comments about him being to egotistical to let go of this no pressure job for the power/money/status would have been proven true.


Thanks fuck Arséne! It’s your team!


They’ve already been proven true.

There is no way in God’s green earth he could’ve seriously believed that he could or would take the club forward over the past few years, Fergie would have walked years ago if he was reduced to this.

£8mil a year, what kind of value are we getting for that money?


You’re getting Theo Walcott and wenger ie not really much at all.


2 words my friend.
Mental strength.


Isnt it your job to mentally and physically prepare the team wenger…fuck right off!


He simply has to leave. Its gotten well past ridiculous. Thanks for many good memories. But, seriously, turn the fucking club over to somebody else.


The board are fucking infuriating also, penny pinch for players etc but pay this twat so much money a season…penny wise pound fucking foolish.

Before anyone says CL is a requirement sure it is but dont you think we could get more money being more fucking successful and getting more sponsor deals etc the CL is peanuts in reality especially how far we get in it…it just about pays Wengers wages and a couple of players for the season!


You know what I don’t even want to hear the money for transfers argument anymore it only helps to aid Wenger.

He spent damn near £100million last summer and still the same bullshit.

Money or no money he’s doing fuck all, another reason along with many others as to why he must leave.


They already have been, a long time ago. A simple few on here choose to continue to believe that the Arsenal world is flat.


I meant that the board and wenger dally on player transfers miss out but they will gladly pay top dollar for fucking frauds. Yes i totally agree that the problem is wenger and it doesnt matter who we buy or what we spend we will still get spanked 4-0 to some obscure team and have the same excuses and look like utter dicks in europe!


Look! We scored one goal more than Barca!


I believe the 3 year extension after the FA win in 2014 was more than fair. He deserved the chance to show what he could with the squad do with more money. Ultimately it hasn’t worked out, despite the lifted restrictions. He needs to hold his hands up and realise that he can’t take this club forward anymore.

I’ve never liked the salary argument tbh, it’s completely unnecessary and bitter. Football reasons should be the only consideration


Yeh money has never motivated anyone in the history of mankind.