Arsène Wenger


He needs to go and if I were him, I would announce the departure tonight. Unfortunately his weakness, and the many players which he bought and trusted depsite they were completely shit, ruined his love story with us.


I’m still sober 64 days but these suckers are testing me…


sports bar in croydon checking in. Fuck everything.


Needs to go. Completely. Not even a director of football role because his influence is holding your club back.





I said on the old forum a few years ago that Wenger was killing this club , I was right then and I’m fucking right now .
The sooner this overrated underachieving twat fucks off the better !
Absolute humiliation two years on the bounce . How anyone can defend him needs to question themselves as much as Wenger should question himself .
Just retire NOW


Do you remember when I said “someone is happy when we lose to write: hey, I said that”? Yes? You are one of them.


The lack of professionalism was simply unacceptable. Many sides inferior to us would have held their shit together better than us tonight.

We should be banned from the CL permanently as long as Wenger is our manager. Fucking pathetic year in year out.


“I told you so” is the phrase. Cuellar is king of it, though not in just defeats but other circumstances also, he gets off on it. But that said, I think he’d be better for your club than wenger.


Don’t be silly…if I was happy I’d be laughing…which I can assure you I’m not…


Maybe its me falling into the sea of despair that is all of the other fanbase. But, fuck everything arsenal related. Fuck wenger. Fuck everything.


Wenger didn’t even look at the camera in the post match interview. I think he knows now. He knows.


Who said Ozil would stay only if Wenger sign the extension??
His performance recently tells the opposite though


All that talk was bollocks in all honesty.

Ozil gets an offer elsewhere from a top team then he’s off, probably more so if Wenger stays.


Not as much as you get off on channeling your hate towards a dude on the internet and a bunch of talented footballers from Barça who you’ll never meet :wink:


Nice fucking table Jakey.


I’d have become so disinterested if Arsenal were my proper team. Believe me I’ve gone through similar With milan after we fell from the very very top table, but there is now a project in place and whilst it’s taking a long time, at least we are headed in the right direction and I’ll be patient with it, even if my fandom for the club is slightly diluted since having been born into and taken constant success for granted.

The same is true of Arsenal fans in all honesty most of you are born into the club being one of the best in the world, but since 2006 just haven’t capitalised, but you don’t even seem to have a project to look forward to as it’s just a complacent organisation altogether.

At least with milan the owners know they fucked up and didn’t plan for the future and are doing something about it, trying to find passionate wealthy new ownership. They pissed me off selling Ibra and Thiago but we had no choice, at least they really do deep down want the very best for the club even if they have been inept for a long time.

I’d sooner ineptitude with a motion to change than just apathy that your team just gets crippled by.


Wouldn’t want to meet them. I’ve met my idols, maldini baresi seedorf costacurta Dida and Cafu. Only Kaka and totti are still to be met.


Cool beans, hope you got their autographs :thumbsup: