Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


Aare we only team to have always won at home this season?


It’s games like this that I can’t help but feel happy and equally sad.

In a big game when you see the whole team be equally adept with the magic on the ball while also being organised and together tactically off the ball it’s a shame that this isn’t our default mode of operation.

You just know it won’t last game to game but I’ll be damned if I won’t be smug as fuck seeing it happen to perfection a few times every season.

Absolutely bossed those mugs, I’m buzzing.




That’s how we played against city.


an that’s how we destroy spurs


Great win! Özil was fenomenal today.


Thanks @Phoebica! You have won it for us again!


Fuck you and the 3 ppl who liked this pasta boy.


I am happy i have been proved wrong :wink:





What a performance from us!! Had a good feeling all week that we would do them and we fucking DONE them!! COYG




And you once doubted my predictions :wink: @Luca_from_Italy


They are usually wrong, tbh :wink:


We played smart discipline football & Tottenham was very poor. Mesut Ozil was fantastic amongst a few others,l.


Ready to take that bet yet?


I still think Spurs will finish above us yeah, clearly we were the better side today and going to enjoy our first NLD win in 3.5 years in the league.


That moment, at the final whistle of the North London derby, when you remember the ludicrous bet you made about a win.


Nope man yoo have, too.

They haven’t conceded all season at home in the league.


Hahahahahaha thanks for summing up what I was thinking :rofl: