Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


So is that a yes or no to the bet then? Lol in the league yeah we haven’t beaten them in a bit but we’ve beaten them a couple times in cups haven’t we? Meh if this is spurs at their best it’s pretty sad. Admittedly we are pretty much at our worst and they are not really better than us at all. Poch is a fraud with a shitty ass away record worse than Wengers lulzzz.


Even at 90 minutes my heart was beating at about 500 beats per minute.

Shoutout to Mike Dean. Great performance today, mate. That’s three NLDs in a row now that we have won with him at the helm. But haters will call him a Spurs fan…


Lovely stuff



Love this

Also here it is in words just cause it looks so good :heart_eyes:




Fuck off Spurs you upstart, gobshite cunts


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Play your best players, start with your best strikers and see what happens.
At last, I don’t have the embarrassment of having to avoid spurs supporters after a game.
Decent performance as well.


On a serious note, where has this Arsenal been? Every player did their part. Everyone seemed committed. Even the fans. Why can’t they be like that for every game? The Emirates was actually a nice place to be today - even before we took the lead.

That game, the first 45 minutes in particular, is the best we’ve played all season. We bullied them. We were always in control. I want to see more of that.


Raised our game for this one I see.

Spurs fans must love this :wenger:


We played like that against city; if the ref had did they job properly this would have been 1 draw and 1 win against 1st and 2nd.



We weren’t that good against City. Today was our best display since the cup final.


Fuck me that was a superb performance from start to finish. Was proper impressed with everyone today, even Cech had a good game!

Nice to see Kane and Alli doing fuck all for 90 minutes too.


Kane is still in Koscielny’s pocket isn’t he? :smile:


One of the best collective peformances in a long time.

The key was our DEFENCE today. We were so damn good at nullifying anything the scum had to offer. The blocks, tackles, positioning, everything superb today.

MASSIVE shout out to Koscielny and Mustafi who were absolute monsters today. The amount of tackles and aerial duals they won were brilliant it seemed. The countless blocks too.

We attacked and defended with a lot of purpose today and as a unit too. Even Ozil was tracking back and tackling, proud of the shifts put in today. And we got the result we whole heartedly deserved!

North London is RED!


We were; the way we pressed Tottenham was exactly the same.


2-0. Clean Sheet. Özil proving the haters wrong. Tactically sound on every footing of the pitch. Complete domination against a side that have a massive media-love-interest. Still half of a Saturday to get on with, walking around like Vince McMahon while I go and wine and dine the missus later on.

Love it. Fucking love it. Thanks lads :heart:


Ok. I disagree. I thought we were decent against City but today was on another level. It was a better collective performance. We always looked in control which just wasn’t the case against City.

Like I said, haven’t seen a performance from us like that for a while.