Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


No excuses with that line up.




Theo probably is one of the few who actually give a shit tbh. But don’t let that get in the way of you disrespecting our current top club goal scorer and best striker in the team.


Fucking hamburger boy :xhaka:


How did I disrespect him? I actually said he’d be the one to tell Kolasinac how much the NLD means. But don’t let that get in the way of your need to mention how amazing Theo is again.


Lol ok because that was a genuine sentiment? It was a clear cheap shot at our clubs top statistical striker in an attempt to garner some likes from the knuckle dragging sheeple that frequent the forums, real talk.


It was a joke about the difference in size between the two of them…


Sad sad the state of the supporters. On the day of the NLD no less.



Drink Ribena :xhaka:



Not really.
It’s a sad state that any supporter would have Walcott in their starting line up against spurs.
All it proves is they clearly lack any ambition.
Even Wenger doesn’t pick him, so how bad must he be?


Awesome logic there, Xhaka is in the team no matter what, so how great must Xhaka be? Best CM on the planet I guess.


MDC open.






So glad the lads have proved me wrong. Completely dominated the game from the first until the last minute. Spurs never looked like scoring.




Fuck Spurs! Great intensity from the Arsenal and deserved victory.


Fantastic performance, from back to front, for 90 minutes.