Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)


Moaninho should stick a cod fish up his sorry portuguese lardass.


Only needed 18 points :xhaka:


This is the first time we’ve beaten Man Utd at home in successive seasons since 2000/01-01/02!


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Posted already by OptaCalum :sunglasses:

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[/quote]I’ll only let you have it if you can tell me when the previous one before that was, Buzz Killington :stuck_out_tongue:


Before 2015/16 2016/17 and 2000/01 2001/02 ?

No idea! Do you know?


1973/74 and 1974/75


Of course :slight_smile: It’s 97/98-98/99.


still struggled and looked impotent against garbage like Boro

just no cutting edge, the deflected goal got us out of trouble
today, was heading for a 0-0…

and that might have lead to defeat as we pushed for the win

a whole bunch of fresh, powerful players needed urgently


Well I don’t disagree with that.


of course I should add

“if we ever want to compete for titles and UCL again”

current squad just nowhere near the required level, there’s
a good 8 that need upgrading imo

then there’s the 30+ year olds, they need changing too

loads of work needed


Great result. Immediately thought about Henry’s goal vs United from about 10 years ago.

Still have this feeling we might edge fourth place, but even if we don’t, these kinds of results are important in the build up to the FA Cup final.


Perfect time to play United at home but credit to us for actually getting the job done, normally we’d bottle it.


Good result, some good performances, mainly Holding, the Ox and Welbeck, but also Ramsey in the second half, and Xhaka, not just for his goal, Cech with the crucial save against Rooney.

As good as this win was, it doesn’t matter if we can’t keep this going. Does this team have what it takes to go again against the Saints, then Stoke, then Everton and come away with 9 points? History suggests they don’t. Would like to see us change that and end the league season with some positivity.


Smalling :poldi:




Gotta catch the 2nd half on replay as I fell asleep on the couch at half time after a day drinking at the AFL.


The resemblance is unreal


Totally agree with Philip Neville’s analysis of the game here.

‘Arsenal beat United, but nobody really cares’. Flat as a pancake, start to finish.


I bloody care!!! Perhaps it’s my era but growing up it was all about Arsenal v Man United. More of my friends support United than Spurs, which, considering I went to secondary school just north of Enfield, is pretty amazing. To me, it’s still the biggest rivalry. So fuck Phil “i want to be Gary” Neville!