Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)


I tried Jade, just couldn’t get into it! Good for Wenger to get a measure of revenge I guess, plus a slight improvement on that awful stat we have vs Top 6 rivals, but other than that I didn’t think it was that great a performance.


2 goals - albeit a deflection and a close range header, but 2 goals nonetheless. AND a clean sheet against a Mourinho side. What more do you want? OK, it wasn’t “sexy” football, but it was solid. Let’s just be happy :grinning:


Yeah I definitely don’t follow Robin here. Any win against United is huge, regarding a regardless of what squad they fielded or how we scored.

They used to beat us when we had much better teams than we do now so for us to beat them and beat Mourinho and beat their unbroken record is massive and I cared a lot. I meet way more United fans than I do Spurs fans as well so I’ve had to put up with way more shit from them due to their success over the last decade.

For my generation i think that the rivalry with United and Chelsea is as big as if not bigger than Spurs simply because Spurs have been totally irrelevant for so long. So yes, the United win is big and Phil Neville just reeks of sour grapes.


The team better take this as a confidence boost and win the remaining games. Recent results have gone from bad, to mixed and now hopefully to good. Beating ManUtd will be worthless due to the circumstances if we can’t take advantage of it.


For me, reading Neville’s comments followed by the snide, ingratiating yap from Maureen, I just passed it off as two major cunts beaking off in public. Fuck the pair of 'em.:coq: