Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)


I did not expect this. What s beautiful score and result. Against Mourinho nonetheless!

Downside to this is that Wenger will be offered a 10 year contract for a ridiculous amount of money to not win the league nor a European cup.


Looks like his mind games backfired.

They looked like a team that knew they were resting players and therefore knew the game was meaningless and therefore played like shit.

What an absolutely pants way for Mourinho to end his hoodoo over Wenger. Not that I’m complaining.


Until you lose, and you’re absolutely crushed, because you’ve allowed yourself to be needlessly optimistic like an impressionable 10 year old! Always expect the worst, I say. You’ll be pleasantly surprised from time to time. Even as a gooner. :grinning:


At last.
Wenger actually beats Mourinho in a PL game.
Shame it’s not going to make much difference to us or them in both our efforts to qualify for the CL, but at least it wipes the smile off Mourinho’s smug face.
If Wenger was waiting for an opportune moment to announce he is staying, he’d better be quick.

We want West Ham to do us another favour in their next game against Liverpool, and us to get maximum points from our last three games.


Jose deflecting about Smalling, Jones, Mata not playing much in recent weeks and Tuanzebe getting a start.

Funny stuff.


The win means nothing unless we go to Southampton and win.




“And finally I leave this stadium with Arsenal fans happy. It’s the first time I see them smile and see them enjoy…And they deserve it because they are an amazing club with amazing fans who also deserve some joy”


Ahhh finally, knew it would happen eventually.


Not bad prediction again. :ozil2:


today mysty :wink:

The drawing/losing run is finally over! :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Utd were pretty dire and played the worst possible Mou-ball and it worked for a while until frankly, we got a massive slice of luck with Xhaka’s deflected loop into the net… after that we kicked on and finished them off. F*ck off Mou. Glad we finally broke that hoodoo… wasn’t really a top performance by any stretch, but played against a team that didn’t want to actually play football, so happy we did the job. Ox had his moments, but he persevered and put in that perfect cross for Welbeck. Notable performance from Holding, who I think did quite well aside from his back-pass to Rooney (to be fair, I thought Koss messed that up too).


Could matter yet!!

The city game was great cos of the result but this game was fucking great because of the performance too.


Fourth games won on five games played with the 3-4-2-1, but this tactic still doesn’t convince me. Defenders and wing backs are playing very well, and sometimes the two midfielders, but our attacking option aren’t suited for a tactic like this.

Maybe we need different players, maybe is the tactic to be wrong.


We should not allow the victory to shield us from the fact we couldn’t break down Man Us reserves playing with Mata and Mikhitarian playing as wide players.

It’s a theme that has lasted all season - trouble creating chances when teams park the bus.

Going to be a long few seasons ahead sadly, teams have us sussed when we’re at home and
they are all copying each other.


Lol! He just can’t take it :coq:. You can see he is so pissed off.


We’ve won 12 of 17 home games. They might have us sussed but we’re still coming out on top most of the time.


If we were better away we would’ve challenged for the title


Agreed. If we had more points, we’d definitely be up there.


[quote=“Calum, post:153, topic:1433”]
today mysty :wink:

The drawing/losing run is finally over!
[/quote]Yes you finally won a game! Though I put that down to more you leaving the Arsenal win option out, plus @Phoebica and @GunnerGirl positivity was what really shone through for us to win :wink: