Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)


mdc open!!



Everything I expected so far.

Coq and Xhaka booked for awful dumb tackles. We can’t create vs this horrible City defence and they lead. Place is a fucking library, too.


In fairness we weren’t shit. Not for the whole match anyway.



in reality it went well. Open game, goals etc. But my god, what a shitfest.

go and watch any 01/02 - 03/04 game and then this. Just dire.


Wenger will just be crapping on about our character, we came behind twice etc etc


Great mental strength


Got the result right. Fair in the end. Now we have to hope Chelsea stop City.



Meh, both teams were defensively so all over the place it wasn’t funny. Stones really is a nothing player, Everton made a steal with that 50 million. Alexis by far once again our best player, he was probably trying to had at times. Ozil and Bellerin and our two centre midfielders were woeful. Sane will be some player, he ran Bellerin ragged. De Bueryne was excellent too. Surprised City didn’t go for it seen as the need to catch Chelsea. We played well near the end but still not great, at least it stopped the rot of defeats.

City will be destroyed by Chelsea’s attack this week that’s for sure.


We were helped by City’s woeful defence aside from that we didn’t threaten them too much.


A decent match to watch…if one of the teams wasn’t the one I support.

4 goals characterised by bad defending, although the worst of the lot was probably the City defending for the Walcott goal. No chance City will get any higher than 3rd.

Assuming wins over City and West Ham would have been the signal for the new contract announcement, I guess that’s on ice now? :laughing:


Strange… I thought he was terrible all game. Did nothing of note for the full 90 minutes.

Özil was brighter as a player throughout, just fell short in key moments (especially on the second goal).

Really not a great standard as a team though, so I’m not sure how much to really take from it.


Least we didn’t lose.

Not gonna get top 4 unless Liverpool fall away though.


Have to disagree with you thought Ozil went missing all game for me. I did think Alexis did overdo things especially with his defending.

Yeah both teams were poor defensively, some of the worse I saw this year. City really should have put us to the sword but as Gary Neville said both teams didn’t look like they were going for the win in the last 20 minutes, both seemed happy with the point.

I think top 4 is gone now, Liverpool have a nice easy run in and Can’t see City losing too many games. Utd will go all out in the Europa League to get that CL spot.


More fights


Didn’t lose. Progress.


I’m not really going to argue against it, I just think that there wasn’t so much difference between both to put one as the standout player and the other as a disappointment. It seems odd after a game in which Alexis misplaced 1/3 of his passes and got caught on the ball multiple times.

It certainly doesn’t look great if we can’t beat this ManCity who were really poor in the second half. Being a home team and all we should be doing a lot more in games like these. It doesn’t feel like a good draw but more like points dropped due to a lack of actually trying.


If City lost against Chelsea it would be all on.