Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)



Ah consistency, that’s what we like to see…


Double double


Now Wenger can sign a new contract :wink:


Not seen the game today, but caught up with the goals and result. So we didn’t lose, but why the fuck are fans still fighting with each other? :facepalm:

Top 4 is really starting to look a difficult target. Players really have to go in a nothing to lose mindset for the rest of the season, but it might be too late.


The only thing that we can really look at from an optimistic standpoint is that it is likely that one or more of City, 'Pool, or United will find ways to throw away enough points to help us, but yeah, if I were a betting man, I’d probably wager against us getting into top 4 atm.

FWIW we are on pace for 69 points, so I can see us hitting a similar number as last year… not good.


We were both right.
It’s not too hard to predict when they defend like Championship teams.
No team has ever won the League with a poor defence, and these two aren’t going to come anywhere close unless they sort it out.


Yeah I had same scoreline predicted as well… not really surprising. Neither team is really that great, but City has some fantastic offensive talents.


I would target City and United. I think Liverpool are out of reach now.


I can’t see City dropping as many points as us Luca, I think Utd will go full out on the Europa League to get the CL. I think Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool will get the three places and City will just about. With our run in we be lucky to get Europa league football no matter top 4. Going to be a tough end of the season really.


As somebody whose not interested in top 4 I found the game quite enjoyable tbh.
Makes the semi final interesting and we can at least realise we have a decent shot of the FA cup.


I have to say being in the Europa League would be a refreshing novelty and different. Would actually look forward to it more than the CL. As we would actually have a chance at winning it and playing different teams.

No fucking Bayern either! :joy:


Same here… if we had a youth movement, focused on a Dortmund-like approach for a couple of years with new manager and stocked our youth program and failed to get CL for a couple of years I’d be totally fine with it.


I almost could get around to this way of thinking but then I know when I watch the Champions League group stages next season, when the hymn is sounding, etc., I’m just going to feel left out, even if I had zero illusions about our possibilities in the competition this season. Think I’d rather have the extremely off chance at lucking into a nice draw in R16 and/or quarters and doing a decent run than the decent chance of winning the whole Europa league.

Well yeah, this is true, but then again if we had a nice future and an interesting project there’s a lot of things I could accept. It’s pretty easy to feel decent as a fan when you at least feel like your club is going somewhere.


See that wouldn’t bother me. The constant Bayern games and last 16 finishes have bored me of the CL.

Does the Europa League have a hym ? :grimacing:


I wonder which of you guys on here would be most likely to have a bit of a scrap in the stands :laughing:

Probably the person you’d least expect. I reckon @Mysty


[quote=“Robin_L, post:116, topic:1363”]
I wonder which of you guys on here would be most likely to have a bit of a scrap in the stands :laughing:

Probably the person you’d least expect. I reckon @Mysty
[/quote]Definately not me :laughing: I’m a softie.

More like @Luca_from_Italy, shouting Food names at others :wink:


Never really thought of anyone here being into that stuff, tbh.


“Saw sum fackin’ turnip with a Wenger In sign, did-ni? Took it off him and shoved it daan his fackin’ throat. Then we went daan the pub and got wankered”


Luca is probably most likely to get blindsided by someone he didn’t realise he was offending.

Don’t think us OA regulars would make a very fearsome crew though, lol. Probably @TheSpecialCnut would be the best fighter since he’s got that Bolivian barbarian blood in him.


[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:119, topic:1363”]
Don’t think us OA regulars would make a very fearsome crew though
[/quote]I dunno, @JakeyBoy has a fearsome looking face :jakey:

And behind @Cristo smiley exterior lies a tough mofo :cristo: