Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)


Luckily we’re not playing the team with the most stacked forward line in the division then. :confused:


We couldnt beat fucking west brom…so i am not holding out any hopes, we are so poor at the moment it is unreal.


So Mou :wenger:


difference being they (as shit as they are) didnt lose…we lost 3-1 to them and those goals were purely diabolical, if we defend like that against west brom imagine what man city could do to us if we play like that again!


We are lucky City’s defence is as shit as ours. Can see a 2-2 here.


Would be fun to have like a 6-4 win


This is the negativity I am talking about. Take it outside please, we don’t want it.

We have the best player in the Premier League (don’t tell Hazard) and we’re at home. We should be bloody winning!


Just don’t lose and we’ve made progress


Will watch the game but can’t pretend to care much about the result. As with our game at Anfield, BTTS and over 3.5 looks a safe bet


After the tedious international break I’m just glad to have Arsenal back on TV.

Probably won’t feel this way way come 6pm though…


We have a decent record against City at home last loss was January 2013


Too much optimism in here. You guys need to be more miserable.


^^ A phenomenon relatively new to medical science, known as the Wenger Effect.

A sense of crushing disappointment and impending fear of the future. Symptoms include waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, with the realisation I could be nearing 40 before the penny finally drops with this guy that he’s not got what it takes anymore


Man I’ve totally U-turned on this game.

This is certainly a must win and Arsenal / Wenger always bring the goods when top 4 is seriously disappearing from sight. I can’t see him losing this with a dire performance as that would really be him finished so I don’t think the dire performance will happen. I think it’s a matter of City being up for matching it or beating it and with their current position, I don’t think it’ll be as big of a game in their heads for their top 4 hopes.

It’ll probably be like the 6-3, anyone’s game until the end, then we lose comfortably :wenger:


Coquelin-Xhaka in the middle :xhaka: :mustafi:


Seeing Coquelin in the XI just fills me with confidence.


Slightly better frontline than we have been seeing in recent weeks.


Thanks god Pep is doing a Pep, with de Bruyne and Silva as CMs :mustafi:


Least no Iwobi.

Pleased to see the Welbeck Özil Alexis partnership again.

Would still have Lucas in over Walcott but he’s injured.


I’d rather Iwobi starting than Welbeck upfront tbh. But I also think people have been way over the top on Iwobi recently.

Another muscle injury for Ramsey, his new contract will be the 3rd worse behind Wenger & Coquelin.