Arsenal vs. Manchester City (Premier League)


Leaders is what the article was inferring - not just the players.


I can only image you jizzing in your pants that day :mustafi:


Arteta was never a fucking leader. Hed fit right into this seasons bottlers like he did when he was here. Been part of and played his role in many of our collapses over the years.
Another one who was kept to long on long term sick bay.


Another clueless opinion. Fuck off Baldy


As long as we get it against him, I’m cool.


Well, he says “when the team goes back to winning” which is probably more than just a one off win somewhere along the road but a couple of wins in a row.

An absolute good opinion to have.


He has to say hes leaving to have any chance of getting a section of fans on board.


It’s true. He’s one win away winning me back. Unfortunately that win will have to come in the Champions League final so i don’t see it happening.


Nothing at all in that article saying he’s one win away from redemption.


So Pep wants us to win on sunday :wenger:


We could win our last 11 games for the season and I’d be of the opinion he still has to go.


All it would do is paper over the cracks.

Figures since Wenger is the best plasterer in world football.


He’s clearly waiting for that big win to say he’s signed really. If another loss is on the way, which I think it will be. He keep it quiet until maybe the FA Cup Semi Final see if he can get a win there, a few wins over so-so sides wouldn’t be the smartest way to announce it. His press conferences just shows a stubborn old man with too much power thinking everyone else is wrong but him. If for his own health and safety he’s better leaving it until the Everton game to announce he’s staying cause it could get quite nasty.

Anyway expect a easy City win, I think we score one or two but City will score 4 or 5. Both awful defences but City have the better attack and manager which will win out. Doesn’t matter who we put out, it be the same result. Be shocked if we won or got a point in this game.


Ah fuck. This shit again. I’ve been quite enjoying football as an abstract concept of late.

Now, all of a sudden, reality makes an unwelcome return in a shit-storm of depressing inevitability, intent on giving me my Wenger prescribed weekly kick in the bollocks for the next few months.

I’m a nutshell, I’m not feeling too positive.


If we won more than half our last games, that would be impressive.

I can’t actually remember the last impressive performance we had in the PL.
In fact I can’t remember that many all season.
Our recent form is mid table quality, and we aren’t even entertaining to watch either.


9 points behind Pool with 3 games in hand going into this… really could do with 3 points, but I still think it will be draw. Lots of work to do for Arsenal to get back into top 4.


Our players have been gobbing off for 2 weeks backing Wenger, lets see if they can put that into practice against City.


This better be at least a draw. If we lose here I can’t see us in any way making the CL next season as we don’t have enough ‘easy’ games left to make up for it.


Yeah our run in is one of the hardest of the top 5/6 for sure… we have injuries to Spurs and Pool to hope for, but now that Ibra will be returning, I can see Utd going on a little run of their own.


It’s like a funeral in this thread. Why is everyone so negative?! We’re gonna win god dammit. Jesus is dead, KDB is injured. We got this.