Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Toilet paper on the field?


Thats shit!


MDC open



Walked in the door, turned on TV, watched Bayern score a peno, changed channel.


Embarrassed again.





Well then, what a throughly delightful evening of Football. Anyone for a spot of tea?


Ox class.

Rest fuck off


Worse than expected, but not wholly unsurprising.

Another fun round of 16 that we got to watch this year. Can’t wait for the same next season!


Fuck the board, fuck Wenger, fuck the players, fuck the referee. Fuck everyone!


10-2 over 2 games… even with a man less for 35 minutes you can’t excuse that. It can’t get any lower than that.


ha. Thought we would lose but not by another 5-1! :joy:

Embarrassing[quote=“PPB, post:399, topic:1234”]

It can’t get any lower than that.

It can when Lincoln beat us on Saturday :wink:


Alright, calm down now dude… Take a step back maybe?


Sometimes it’s good to just log off for a bit.


You meant round of 16 in the Europa??


I’m going so we should be alright for that one. :joy:


Called it lads! :sunglasses:


Quick summary of just a few positives as I just want to forget about this game asap.

The likes of Walcott and Ox were bang up for this game (why not more often?) and we were the better team in the 1st half. Bellerin was good as well, Monreal handled Robben pretty nicely too

Koscielny’ sending off is still shrouded in mystery as things stand and we weren’t losing 5-1 with him there. I’m sure people are going to go in hard on Wenger but you have to remember we went from 1-0 with 11 to 1-5 with 10

That said, you just can’t ship 5 goals in a half, not that it affected the result of the tie