Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Still not starting Lucas Perez… that’s why he wants to go.

Bayern full team, so they are not saving themselves for Frankfurt, and I expect them to score a few goals tonight.

Ospina to start… so we are not giving Cech one single CL game? Not even one?

Ramsey-Xhaka-Ox against Thiago-Alonso-Vidal, would be interesting…


The only player that should be making us play 4-2-3-1 is Özil otherwise a formation change is mandatory particularly against one of the best teams in the world.

Going to Bayern and playing two in the middle yet again, Ramsey has been out for a while so likely will be bombing forward looking for goals leaving Xhaka to get moved from pillar to post.



It should be a game to remember.
It might be the last time we see Ozil and Sanchez playing for us in the CL.




Not a big fan of the banner in the middle and the chant they’re using. I would have expected something a little more classy.


Good riddance. Maybe we could re-sign Bendtner and Denilson.


God it’s sad seeing those Wenger out videos. I mean, we know he needs to go, but it’s sad how much of a demise it is after all this time. Shouldn’t have come to this.

Anywho, MDC open.


At least Arsene decided to go with 11 players in our final CL game of the season.


Welbeck injured in warmup?!


Lol no way


Yep. Giroud comes in. Still no Lucas. LOL




This is horrendous


Shit show


I don’t even want to watch now but I’ve got this feeling were either going to win spectacularly or go down like the Hindenburg.


Look at who is here. Attention seeker.


We should win this. Bayern haven’t been impressive away from home in Europe and won’t feel too much pressure so should take their foot off the gas.

2-0 or 3-1 to Arsenal.


Could have just played Perez instead of Giroud tbh. It’s not like we’re really having any serious hopes of going through, so giving him a couple of minutes of CL minutes against Bayern would have been nice.


He should leave, Wenger clearly doesn’t fancy him.


In open play its piss easy for the oppo back 4 with giroud upfront…All the time in the world.