Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Well congratu-fucking-lations. You’re an even bigger cynic than most of us! :grin:


Embarassing to see a match like this. Uefa are a Mafia.


We were 1-0, deserved to be 2-0 up thanks to the clear penalty not conceded for the foul on Walcott, good impact on the first half and the Ref ruined the game with his shocking decisions.

Thanks to the players for the 50 minutes played, they have been outstanding.


He is another Sanchez: laughing his arse off when we are falling apart.


I was watching while at work and as soon as Bayern were awarded the pen for a blatant fucking dive, and then Kosh sent off, I just couldn’t stomach to watch anymore, especially considering Theo won a legit penalty and it wasn’t given. Vidal also should have been off the pitch with two yellows in the first half, so blatant favoritism from the cunt refs. However we did take it to them in that first half, our team just has a very bad habbit of giving up and not giving a fuck. The mentality is all wrong, sure blame that on Wenger but…smh the players are a major issue as well.


Pretty sure most had made up their minds BEFORE this game started.
Wenger had to go, even we won 1-0, 2-1, 3-1.
Never thought we could win it by 4 goals… Our 5th gear can’t compare to Bayern’s 2nd gear.
Tonight’s result just giving people a reason to explode.


I’ll also add that one of their goals was offside so we didn’t even catch a break there :roll_eyes:

Great finish by Costa for his goal. Most of the rest were preventable, poor distribution from Ospina on one and slack passing from Mustafi under no pressure for another.

No argument on their penalty, but once again double jeopardy…worst rule in football


Fam Blud Fam… 500+ on the march more joined at the Bears roundabout.


Not at least surprised or shocked. REF should have sent Kos off straight away but made a howler. Ox is the only one who can hold his head up high, should have had a peno. Alexis had his worse game in a Arsenal shirt. Bayern picked us apart after the sending off. Good first half but didn’t take our chances. Shameful in the 2nd half.

Sad really more then anything.


You’re talking out of your ass. Again. In the first game, Gibbs clearly handballed the ball off the line, no pen given, no card either. Alonso got the ball today. The red card today was a horrendous decision, but overall we’ve not been treated (much) worse than them. We shipped ten (!) goals in two matches. Trying to make this into some conspiracy is laughable. We must take responsibility for our own fuckups.



That’s the reason why i don’t like germans. They always tend to be cocky and arrogant. They never learn from the past.


I don’t like Italians because they tend to make sweeping, baseless generalisations.



Rare outing at the Emirates for the banner…


That’s enough OA for you for one day. I’ll unban you in the morning :blush:


If you don’t put up the banner and protest at this moment, you never will.


Heard my first phone-in numpty saying Lewandowski dived but the Walcott penalty was nailed on :grimacing:


It was. It’s about one of the most blantant dives I’ve seen when a mans feet just come directly off the ground from the slightest little contact.


Chasing those likes this evening :grin:


Tottenham fans out on social media in force tonight :boxing_glove: