Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Probably 2-4 or 2-5.

I can’t see any reason for the players to give a stampeding performance right now. I don’t think they have a point to prove and with the Alexis/Ozil bollocks and how we cannot play football without them, I think the players will just fold.


The club should really make the prices 10 quid or something and refund the fans the difference.


Think I’d prefer it if were 2-5 rather than 0-1 or 0-2 anyway, it would be indicative of Bayern coming here to play competitively, instead of the training ground exercise I’m anticipating. Plus more goals to enjoy.



Mad isn’t it? :laughing:

and the mighty Lincoln City? a sea of red. Zero availability.

That said, some of those blocks are yellow by virtue of having a handful of seats available each, not like it’s dozens


Ozil misses out this one, too. Should be okay for the weekend, though. Arsene says.


Please, not Coquelin on midfield. :pray: not Coquelin on midfield :pray: not Coquelin on midfield :pray:


Özil still got his “flu” then :neutral_face:

Swear when was the last time this guy played?


Özil was in training today and looked fine according to all the journalists who were there. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to show himself up against his new club :wink:


I’m more annoyed that he missed the Liverpool game, but can’t be bothered if he plays tomorrow or decides to stay at home.


[quote=“Calum, post:293, topic:1234”]
Swear when was the last time this guy played?
[/quote]Pretty sure he was last seen in Bulgaria three months ago :smirk:


Usually Arsenal would get a win and decent performance in the 2nd leg and get knock out by goal difference, but I don’t think it will happen this time.
A tie, or a low scoring Bayern win. Thiago get the winner.


Ox has to play in the middle with Xhaka sitting deep. Only time we’ve looked halfway decent in the past few weeks.


He is not ready mentally, tbh :xhaka:


You should really ease up on the Xhaka smiley, mate. It makes you look constantly pissed off, which I’m sure you are, but it kind of makes me think “what’s he’s pissed off about, now?” whenever I open any given thread. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here, something to cheer you up:


Just need the rest of their team to have an extremely bad day tomorrow now :grin:


That’s a sign :henry2:


Müller :joy:


Is it just me or does Ozil miss more games with illness than actual injuries ?


he isnt truly ill, i think he just misses games