Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


I’d suggest that what’s going on around him makes him feel ill.


This is a no pressure game so watch us play like we know we can. Am sure we will put in a much better performance and either get a narrow win or draw the game. Another brave exit from the CL looming. Another insightful, analytic post match interview from Wenger, another year of mediocrity in the bag. Carry on Arsene.


Fully expect Bayern to be professional and put us to bed early enough. I don’t think they rest too many of their players. I expect Bayern to win this 3 to 4 goals, don’t see us getting anything out of this unless Bayern play badly.

Wenger needs to play a full side and give it a go, he team badly needs a win and any result to stop the rot.


I don’t think we’ll put in a brave performance and win at all. I think we’ll get spanked, morale is at an all time low


Agreed about the morale being low but then how many times in the past has the team put in a performance that is just about enough to win over some of the fans, and these performances usually come when the team is desperate. The flip side of it is of course, the team putting in shitty performances in the crunch games, when our form leading to the game has been good.


Yes, I think Bayern will score fairly early, which will put an even bigger downer on the performance and atmosphere. We’ll equalise midway 2nd half, there will be a short surge of pressing by us, after the goal, but we won’t score another. 1-1.


Are you watching tonight?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Hahahahahaha, wait this is a serious question?

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I answered “hahahahahaha, wait is this a serious question” because I’ll obviously be watching the match


I will watch the first 30 mins before I head to work, if we were actually in the Tie I would have asked to start work an hour or so late.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Wish I could switch off but I can’t not watch Arsenal. A couple of years ago I trawled the streets of The Gambia looking for somewhere to watch Arsenal draw with Norwich! So I’m not going to let a little thing such as a 5-1 defeat put me off!


Yeah, Thiago on current form isn’t something one wants to miss.


I’m at the Bristol City vs Norwich game tonight so I can’t watch it.

I haven’t really watched any games since January, the disappointment has just been too much.


i will start of optimistic

and i will watch the game just because i believe in miracles and what ifs

i am not hopeful but its better then watching holby city


What league are they in.


I voted yes because MDC and #MiaSanMia. (really mdc though)


I will not bother waking up at 1 in the morning to see this.


Wenger will be so happy with a draw :bellerin:


It could be our last Champions League outing for the forseeable future. I’ll be watching Bayern give us a good send off.


here tickets are still available not sure i want to part with £89 tho be good too see munich play tho :slight_smile: