Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


Anyone avoiding this match is going to be well gutted when we smash them 8-0! :poldi:


It’s not on free tv here, so I might actually skip it. The only reason to really watch the game would be over a beer in a pub somewhere.


I really want to watch the Napoli-Madrid game but i’ll probably end up mugging myself off watching this bullshit.


we wouldnt smash them 8-0 if they got lost on the way here and never made it and got 11 random german strangers to take to the field coached by a drunken pub crawler in the local area and a bench of mascots.


Watch the Napoli-Real game and keep the Arseblog liveblog thing on your phone and if it gets interesting switch to the Arsenal game.


Yeah I’m gonna watch the Napoli game, and just follow the score in our one.

I’d be so mad if I bought a ticket to this, the atmosphere is going to be so poisonous there.


Toxic more likely. We will have fans fighting with each other, lol!


I reckon this will be the year we don’t pull a face saving win out of the bag in the second leg.

I reckon we’ll go down by another 2-4 goals.


A boring 1-1 I think


Literally couldn’t give a shit what we do. Imagine if it ends up being one of those one goal short of a heroic comeback result :laughing: Good old mental strength and desire. I guess there will be more talk regards to the protests than the game.

Oh well, at least MDC will be fun. May as well make a list of topics to talk about during this one.


We should rest players for Lincoln.


how must rest do they fucking need though :cech:


Even if I got wind of us being 4-0 up I don’t think I’d look in on this one.


Lincoln will totally outstrip us for professionalism and commitment so best to be fresh


This’ll have the feeling of one of those ‘training ground’ kickabout type games, I can’t understand why anyone out there would pay the £64+ asking price for this. :grimacing:

The atmosphere will be dire (I’m thinking resigned boredom rather than outright anger), Bayern will just knock it around for 90 minutes in complete confidence that the job is already done. They probably won’t have the motivation to go out and score another 4 or 5, that’s my bet. We’ll have a 20 minute spell where we look interested.

Arsenal 1-3 Bayern


A few more people will be going on the march…


I think it will be 2 or 3-1 to Bayern and they won’t even have to get out of 2nd gear.


This will feel like getting punched in the guts after being kicked in the balls.


There’s no one way to approach this game with the erring of a positive outcome, so I really do wonder how Wenger sets up for this. Just another spoonful of pooey porridge to ingest.


In terms of the line up for this one, i think Wenger is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Though I think the bigger outrage would come if he threw in the towel and put out a weakened team - I just can’t see him going down that route. Besides, people are not paying £64 plus to watch Carl Jenkinson!