Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL


Beat Cheatski twice :giroud2:



What a game and all the more sweeter because I watched it with a Chelsea fan who’s been giving me shit since we knew we’d face each other in the final.

Was not confident in that back line before the game kicked off but fuck did they prove me wrong, they were absolutely excellent.

Got in at 5ish am and now rocking the mother of all hang over’s but totally worth it to see someone who I’d class as my footballing father lift this historic cup again.

Most successful team in the FA Cup :smiley:


What absolute euphoria what a performance what a day. Arsene and Arsenal making history once again. That match was nothing but drama from start to end, my only regret is we didnt score a couple moreof those chances. We schooled the champions here but we could have humiliated them (still hard to believe as I type this :coq: ). Still, nothing quite like scoring right after they equalised, eat you heart out Chelsea.

We’ve got a big fucking German but we’ve also got a real character on our hands in Super Robbie Holding, handing Costas ass back to him, I’m so excited to see how he develops.

Wonderful day, fantastic to see the players so happy, they’ve earned it, to see Wenger so proud, he really is their dad isnt he. Oh lord what a day.


Yeah, would have ben so amazing to humiliate the champions. But i take this result :slight_smile:


Amazing final! Absolutely mystifying how Arsenal can put in those types of performances after the typical away days we endure against the other key teams all season long. Is it merely the Wembley factor? Were they playing for Wenger, either knowing he’s going to leave, or trying to make a final persuasion for him to stay?

It’s like the whole team performed to a man, albeit you can still make the case that Alexis Sanchez ‘won’ us the Fa Cup. Chelsea clearly weren’t on it for most of the 1st half, but some of that at least was down to the effort our players put in, led from the front by Welbeck.

I’m sure there will be someone goading all of us that thought we’d lose this final comfortably, but you can’t overlook the fact we were playing the best team in the league with a makeshift defence. Somehow everyone just turned up and we should of course have scored 4 or 5 in a dominant win, the complete opposite of our lucky win vs United in '05. An amazing day all round, never had so much sex after a single game before either :wink: :sunglasses:


What impressed me most is how well drilled we were tactically. We never let out centre backs feel any pressure because the midfield covered ground well, the wing backs were constant thorns both at the back and going forward. Most importantly for me was that there was always an option to pass because for the CBS too and that helped us launch so many attacks.

Was massively impressed with the way Ozil and Sanchez constantly dragged the opposition midfield and centre backs out of position too.

People asked Ozil for a big performance and he produced. What I said a few weeks ago was if the midfield work well and get the ball to Ozil in advanced positions he will shine and yesterday was evidence of that.

All round a very strong performance.


Still on a high. I deliberately avoided too much alcohol before the match because I wanted to remember us smashing Chelsea. :sunglasses: I certainly made up for it after though!

I think I am still drunk and I know I’m still wearing my Arsenal shirt :laughing:


My man !!:facepunch:t5:


Anyone watch Arrow/green arrow?

Just checked his twitter account :ok_hand::+1:


I am still buzzing! Oh oh to be a gooner. What a fucking immense win :slight_smile: :giroud2:


Heres one… We’ve won another trophy at Spurs ground…


Great way for John Terry to end his career. Leaving Wembley with his tail between his legs, but I suppose that’s better than his cock in a teammate’s Mrs.


If posted already sorry…nah fuck it…



Does xhaka say “good luck” to Alexis???




That was always going to be an advantage for us. It was apparently a foregone conclusion that Chelsea were going to win. We had no chance blah blah blah.

Underestimate us at your peril.


Can’t really add much more to the thread, it’s all been said. I’m just ecstatic the day after and will be annoying the missus with the replays :arteta:

A fantastic team performance and some brilliant individual performances in there too, namely Bobby Holding. Top lad.


Tony Evans, lol! :wenger: