Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL


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Love Captain Lance.


Yesterday Arsenal have DESTROYED Chelsea.

I was in panic before the game because was sure to live the game under pressure because of the key duels as Hazard, Diego Costa and Pedrito vs our back three, but since the first minutes (ok, even after the goal scored) we have seen how we were superior than tham in every zone of the pitch.

On defense, thanks to a precious help from the midfield, Arsenal have played a perfect game. Holding is a giant despite his lack of experience and sometimes lack of slyness, Mertesacker showed why he is a WC winner and an Arsenal starter for 4 years (when there isn’t a large portion of pitch to defend, the german shows all his fantastic qualities) and Nacho Monreal has confirmed to count on him for the next season as CB and LWB because has an immense tactical intelligence and improved his defensive qualities since he joined us.

On midfield Ramsey and Xhaka have been superior than Kantè and Matic/Fabregas with the ball, without the ball, aerial duels, tactically… they have killed them in the space, especially the welshman. Chelsea players weren’t capable to track him because was everywhere, assisted by a FABULOUS PLAYER as Mesut Ozil is. What a game, the german orchestred the offensive phase with intelligence and talent, helped by Danny Welbeck. This guy has been a lyon, wasn’t static, fought with David Luiz, Cahill and Azpi making them ridicolous when started to run and to use his body. He is not a clinical goalscorer but he is a tank… this is what we need for type of games like yesterday.

Sànchez maybe has been a ghost in the second half, but he was in mode on when the game required him. Giroud - fantastic impact as Coquelin and Elneny - has been the assistman because Alexis found him with a fantastic pass. One goal, the decisive chance created to win the cup… not the best on the pitch but he is essential for us.

Final words for the best man of the pitch: Mr Arsène Wenger. He won the cup with humilty to change his tactical ideas after 20 years. A tactic which has donated a new life to players like Monreal and Ramsey, gave a sense to Granit Xhaka, exalted Ozil and Sànchez, showed the quality of our defenders, especially Rob Holding. We bought this guy for 2M… fuck yes, this is what I want from Arsenal.


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Steve Morrison, Millwall player, Arsenal fan…
A decent couple of Wembley trips for him.




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Haha yeah I think I’ll just have that while I’m still buzzing about yesterday, it’s a bit too busy for the long term

Tbf navigating probs won’t be too hard, I’m convinced with most apps on my home screen it’s more a case of muscle memory than actually having to look at where apps are


Beautiful post, thank you!


Has anyone seen any shirts commemorating the win other than the pretty ugly ones the official shop had a the final whistle?

I was REALLY hoping they’d have a shirt with the squad names on it. I’m a sucker for t-shirts with the squad names on them. Barcelona had one a few years ago when they won the trebble.


I think that makes it 21 of our last 22 cup ties, includes wins against Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Liverpool, Tottenham & Everton in that also. I’m a critical fan but that is impressive in the cup at least.




Fucking YES! Congratulations everybody, third FA Cup in four years time, that’s some achievement. What a performance from the boys, Ramsey with another Wembley winner…

I really really hope we can keep this squad together. I know it’s always said in moments like this, but there has to be a time when we can push on and win the league.

And all of you that went to Wembley yesterday, what a day you must have had you lucky bastards. So. Fucking. Jealous.


Well done @Burgundy

Not enough mugging off of John Terry going on around here for my liking.

I’ve just gone some way towards rectifying that by replaying your clip 25 times while laughing maniacally. Thank you sir


Dont think Ive said anything about the match. I think everyones summed it up really. It was a beautiful day against all odds. Even the most optimisitic of fans did not feel confident at all. Its amazing how, even with all the doom and gloom surrounding us right now, we pull out a performance like that. Maybe there is some of this mental strength in there somewhere which Arsene preaches.

Celebrated till like 3am with my Gooner pals. It was just lovely. Best day of our season by a mile.


Actually think not having the home coming was the one disappointment of the weekend. Would have been a great day especially with a bank holiday to follow it.


Tired as fuck at work this Monday… Don’t care we beat the Rent boys to win the cup.


Still buzzing we won. Going to be a long summer without Arsenal giving me every type of emotion.