Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL


Only time to sweat was when Hazard on the ball none of the rest were that threatening.


Lovely video of our celebrations :). The Ox’s a drunk man!


Rob holding at the start with costa was class, such a strong head on young shoulders. High potential.


These vids are fucking great. I’m nearly too drunk and emotional to enjoy them.


Stop flirting with my husband


Really happy that we won. But we really lacked the ruthlessness. So many chances if taken by confident players we would have won this game by miles. Elneny at the end is what make us cringe when watching Arsenal.


Cech’s won two trophies * in a row vs Chelsea since he left them.

*= yeah I called the CS a trophy :wink:




I’m so fucking happy, fuck off Rent boys.


Match stats from the BBC

Arsenal have beaten Chelsea twice in a season [in all competitions] for the first time since 2003-04.

Per Mertesacker started his first game for Arsenal since 30 April 2016 [against Norwich], 392 days ago.

At three minutes 49 seconds, Alexis Sanchez’s opening goal was Arsenal’s fastest ever in an FA Cup final.

Sanchez has scored in five successive games for Arsenal in all competitions for the first time.

The Chilean has been directly involved in 45 goals in 51 appearances for Arsenal this season [30 goals, 15 assists].

Victor Moses is the fifth player to be sent off in an FA Cup final after Chris Smalling [Manchester United in 2016], Pablo Zabaleta [Manchester City in 2013], Jose Antonio Reyes [Arsenal in 2005], Kevin Moran [Manchester United in 1985].

Diego Costa netted his 22nd goal of the season for Chelsea in all competitions - his best-ever return in a single campaign for the Blues.

Olivier Giroud has had a hand in four goals in his past four games for Arsenal in all competitions [three goals, one assist].

That first one!! :open_mouth: fucking hell what a time to end that!!!


the 5th one! :sunglasses:

Give this man what he wants. Keep him here. Go get the ruthless forward to play in front of him and Ozil and good times ahead.


Insane record.


will be watching this in my pants and a bag of Doritos at some point tomorrow, can’t wait :slight_smile:


It may be 05.03 but all I can say is Per. I love you Per.


Pics or it didnt happen Luke.


There’s nothing better as a football fan than a performance and result to win the cup such as we saw yesterday, the kind that makes watching the highlights again and again the first thing you do the next morning.

The season was diabolical as a whole, but in I’m willing to bet yesterday is what will be remembered most about it.


Didn’t get home to 7am, feeling hungover and tired but it was all worth it.


What a day! This was soooooo sweet. Our last two cup runs were amazing but this one was special. We stopped Chelsea’s double. We finally finished below the scum but still had 1 trophy to their 0. Everyone doubted us, even most fans, but they overcame it. Wenger was counted out, but now he stands alone as the all time winningest manager in the history of the FA Cup. We took back the record from united for most FA Cups. It was just one of those days where it all came together perfectly. So happy for Wenger and the players.


There were 1,200 likes handed out yesterday LOL. On a normal day just about 200-300 likes.



But these videos looks amazing when you are drunk :poldi: