Alexis Sánchez


I’d go with 1. Alexis 2. Ozil 3. Cesc 4. RVP 5. Santi


Yeah I’m not disagreeing with that, Cesc was unbelievable but you have to lose points due to the fact we didn’t win anything during his time at us in the Emirates era.


Sorry, I didn’t read that whenever you’ve said it. Also I wasn’t going against your opinion, rather used it in order to explain my preference and reasoning.


I don’t care, I was in love with him :sunglasses:


So first you say we hate him, but in this post he makes your top three because of fitness. Don’t get me wrong, health is very important, but apparently you do see where people are coming from…


Nah I see where people are coming from, but I rate durability as being a very key component to a player, if you don’t agree that’s fine.


#1 for me. Special combination of elite goal scoring from wide and creates as much as the best #10’s around (or near enough).

How many match his contributions in both departments outside of Messi and Neymar? You’re easily looking at £100m to replace.

van Persie 11/12 best individual season though. You can make cases for all of Alexis, Ozil, Fabregas, van Persie tbf, clear top 4.


Cesc and RVP are similar to Sanchez and Ozil in that they were both great players in average teams that needed top quality around them and were probably made to look great because a lot of the players around them were so poor.

Cesc and RVP were match winners that could turn a match with a piece of world class skill that only this type of player can do.

They are also similar because they left to go join the best clubs in Europe to win the top trophies and be surrounded by other world class players, which is exactly what Sanchez and Ozil are going to do.

I have no problem with Cesc, RVP, Sanchez or Ozil leaving, and I don’t really understand anyone else that would.
They were let down by a manager that wouldn’t listen and whose arrogance and stubbornness has seen more top players leave and not be replaced, than any other club,

They were proved right when they all won top trophies the seasons after they left us.


Such a flawed argument and on that basis Sanogo was a bigger club legend than Fabregas, because FA Cup.

Fabregas was clearly a more consistent better performer than Alexis for us.



Such a flawed argument and on that basis Sanogo was a bigger club legend than Fabregas, because FA Cup.


Man, I can’t stop laughing when seeing this…
Bringing Sanogo into the equation… :poldi::poldi::poldi::poldi::poldi:


It’s not won stuff = better. It’s won stuff + performed at a high level = better.

Not that I’d personally put Sanchez ahead of Fabregas but I get the reasoning.


I can understand not putting him as the best player of the Emirates era but some of the stuff being bandied around is frankly laughable. Contributed 40+ goals/assists last season. Those are incredible numbers especially in a team as disjointed as ours and not to mention playing in multiple positions.


You find it laughable some consider Fabregas, RVP, Ozil, Cazorla to be better? All were world class

And for the record Alexis numbers last season were impressive but not as impressive as RVP averaging a goal a game for a year in pretty much the same position. The others play in a different position so you could debate it all day.


Not even close to what he said.



If true, why would he not wait until July?


I’m still not convinced we’ll sell him this window, but not a bad gift to have waiting for him in June. Although £15m is rather tasty too :rofl:


If players want to leave for easy titles then you won’t get an easier title than joining Manchester City in January 2018.


Emirates Era

RvP (people forget how good he was)