Alexis Sánchez


I don’t think his goals are the issue. Of course a player who scores goals despite not having good games is appreciated. But I was more judging on the skill players have shown, and for me he isn’t up there with the likes of Özil and Fàbregas on that front.


Two things can be true at the same time. Alexis and Arsene are both problematic for the club.


True, however, it stems from Wenger and it’s him that has allowed this situation to get this bad.

We passed on very good money in the summer that could have been reinvested for what? The prospect of finishing outside the top four with no trophies?


I don’t think Alexis’ little hissy fit about not qualifying for WC2018 can be blamed on Arsene.

I agree that the vast majority of the club’s issues are Arsene’s fault but Alexis (and Ozil) really could have conducted himself better.


Always thought Sanchez was a glorified Dirk Kuyt. From an aesthetics standpoint I’m not mad he is leaving.

  1. Cesc
  2. Ozil
  3. RVP
  4. Cazorla
  5. Arshavin

For me. Alexis probably better than arshavin but as of now Andrey gave me more fun times than Alexis so fuck it.

This is why


The hate for Sanchez is real, a lot of people not having him in our top 3 of the Emirates era despite averaging 1 goal every other game predominantly from the wing :rofl:


What’s your top 5 Alexis Sanchez moments?


Wenger sitting in the back like Mr. Burns saying “excellent, just as planned” lol.


Guy scored in both FA Cup Semi Finals and Final he played in.

Fucking hero.

He actually won us stuff unlike the fraud 10/11 team of Fabregas Nasri and van Persie

  1. Would be the fact we had a 30 goal a season player last season for only the 2nd time in a decade.
  2. His brace against Man United when we led by 3 after 20 mins.
  3. The Fact he scored in nearly every cup SF & Final he played in at us, in fact it was everyone.
  4. His Hattrick vs West Ham last season when he looked unstoppable
  5. The fact when he came he scored about 10 goals in his first 13 league games and it gave you that sense of confidence that we had landed a real game changer.,


I was asking for your opinion completely separate from the argument above. I wasn’t asking you to prove his ranking as an Emirate Era great.

Genuinely wanted to know from other posters what his best moments were


No one hates him. He just isn’t one of my favourite players, or the most skilful in my opinion, to have played at the Emirates. I don’t see how anyone can put him above Cesc or Özil in that respect.

I appreciate what he has done and would obviously rather he wanted to stay here, but i’ll be more gutted when/if Özil leaves.


Alexis scored in both cup finals he played in. Our only 30 goal player with RVP this decade. Also 3 goals in FA Cup semi finals. Done much more than Cesc


Aston Villa goal in FA Cup final best goal I’ve seen live

West Ham hattrick

The brace vs Manchester United in Oct 2015

His FA Cup final goal Vs Chelsea

The fact he scored near enough every game in 2014/15 and 2016/17


Most skilful probably not, but among the best all round we’ve had in the EE, probably yes.

Top 3 with RvP and Cesc for me.


Why not? What did he win for us? 0

Sanchez won us two fa cups

Give me Sanchez and Özil over van Persie and Fabregas every day of the week


Well as I keep saying, i’m judging them on skill and who I enjoy watching the most - which is Özil, Cesc and Cazorla.


For me it’s a clear top 5 in the emirates era not in any particular order Sanchez, Ozil, Fabregas, RVP & Cazorla, I’d probably say RVP & Cazorla miss my top 3 for durability reasons.


Very good player, nothing more. Ozil would be more missed.