Alexis Sánchez


Persie I would Boo.
Slimy cunt


I remember his career from about 1999. And i’ve read his autobiography. So enough to know he’s a twat :smile: But Paul Scholes was always the one who annoyed me the most, no idea why.


Remember this lads:

If only we knew this was just some cheap Chilean high quality paper available by chance for the huge cracks at this club.


You know in a way it is someway a good thing. He is 29.
Albeit he is kinda guy who keeps his fitness up constantly, he perhaps doesn’t have much more than couple of years in his career for the kind of intensity he plays with.



On 10 July 2014, Sánchez signed for Arsenal on a long-term contract for a transfer fee of £31.7 million.Sánchez was given the squad number 17, previously worn by Nacho Monreal, who took the vacant number 18 instead. In a statement released by the club, Sánchez said that he was “so happy to be joining Arsenal, a club which has a great manager, a fantastic squad of players, huge support around the world and a great stadium in London”.Manager Arsène Wenger praised Sánchez, saying that the Chilean international “has consistently produced top-quality performances at the highest level for a number of seasons now and we are all excited to see him integrate into the Arsenal squad.”




Where does Sanchez rank among the pantheon of Arsenal greats and former players?


He doesn’t.


Best player in Emirates era


That would be Özil for me any day of the week.


That’s a load of rubbish. Silly ITK’s.


Same for me.

I was just looking back at the thread on here where we named our “Emirates XI”. I thought there would be more choice aside from Özil and Sanchez, but nope. There are teams with the likes of Clichy, Per and Arshavin in. Not saying they weren’t decent players for us, but compared to the 10 years before that… :expressionless:


Cesc for me is easily the best Emirates player, followed by RVP and Ozil

Alexis as good as his goals and assists were constantly gave the ball away and I was saying this long before this season. He was absolute dogshit for the majority of his miniutes last year but the hollywood goals he scored glossed over it.


That is Fabregas all day long. That title might not ever be taken away from him. Sanchez is slightly overrated.


I wouldn’t even put Alexis in my top three. I’d probably go Özil, Cesc and Cazorla


I’d put Cesc just over Özil for our best post-highbury player, although I have a feeling that’s more the love I had for Cesc speaking.

Sanchez has been a very, very good player for us, yet I wouldn’t say he has been exceptional for us. Even Van Persie had some exceptional moments


Its not.

We’ve left him out not to cup tie him how can you not believe this lol


I’ll take a dogshit player that scores or assists 40+ goals any day. :joy:


Can we stop criticizing Sanchez again???
There is a reason for him to have a dogshit attitude… and that is Wenger.
Psychologically he screwed up, but he is till one of the best players on the team bar Ozil.

He has the exact same reason why the former players like RVP wanted to leave.
Wenger, and his ambition.


It’s hard to judge on body language alone but it feels like he gave less of a shit from April or so onwards so he’s going to have tainted a bit of his legacy with some from that.

At least City would be a convenient bogeyman. We could pretend it’s because they offered him unreal wages that we couldn’t compete with.