Alexis Sánchez


If July, why would we get anything?


Alexis Sànchez killed the Wengerball, created problems inside the dressing room and on the pitch because of his selfish attitude, but has been precious for the club since the day one. The :chile: did the best for Arsenal and deserves gratitude and a sincere good luck.


Wengerball was dead long before Sanchez arrived.


For a PL and maybe more trophies.


Arsenal played nice football in 2013.


We don’t get anything. Alexis gets 30m.


‘Nice football’ left together with Nasri and Fabregas. But apparantly you experienced that differently.


For me it’s

  1. Alexis Sanchez
  2. Mesut Özil
  3. Santi Cazorla
  4. Laurent Koscielny
  5. Robin van Persie

RvP had two seasons of world class. One for us and one for Utd.

Koscielny over Fabregas because he’s been here longer and been a mega part of us winning the fa cups


That team was better, even to watch, but in 2013 we played very nice football.


@Aussiegooner This is an example of actual ‘hate’ for a player.


Aahh I see now. I misread. Might as well grab the 20 million but I can see Sanchez waiting with that at stake. Need an injury or two ASAP at City.

  1. Fabregas
  2. van Persie
  3. Ozil
  4. Cazorla
  5. Alexis


Honestly 20m for Sanchez is a slap in the face. I think it would be better for our image just to make him stay and then he can go for free. Or if City are desperate then let them pay us at least 35 - 40m


Don’t understand this attachment to Fabregas? A great player for us yes but he failed to win us stuff and he’s a snake. Alexis and Ozil over him all day


If we had the defenders we do now paired with Fabs and RVP back in the 08 - 11 days, I think we’d have won something. Having said that I still would put Sanchez up there because yes winning trophies for me is more important than looking good. For me…


Rvp sneaks in because he was great in his hay day but his injury issues really dampered everything.


I don’t think it changes enough the odds and it forces the issue of replace now, so maybe we are more aggressive in Jan. We are projecting to 5th or 6th with or without him imho so it hardly has financial consequence. In retrospect should have sold him last summer.


If winning trophies is so important Ramsey should get in over Fabregas and/or van Persie in a lot of top five’s. He has like 5 goals in the 3 won cups.


Trophies is important but quality of player is a close 2nd and Ramsey has been average a lot of the time while Cesc was fantastic throughout


Can’t even begin to imagine how you’ve managed to deduce that from my post.


Sure, but 15m is 15m. Citeh will be the odds on favorite to win a bunch of trophies for the next few years.

It’s best for Arsenal if he goes ahead now, but I’d stay put if I were him.