Alexis Sánchez


Sounds like it’s about your mum.


I hate people who ruin my dreams. Me and Ed are like best mates :expressionless:


22 years young, so I don’t wanna think about my thirties yet :slight_smile:


Who invited you here? :roll_eyes:


Ha will i never thought you’d be 22!


Because he is smart. Comes across older.


Was gonna complain about feeling old at 22 haha


@shamrockgooner can we ban these youngsters who are complaining about being old?


I would but I’m 35 and I don’t have the energy anymore. :tired_face:


God yeah, you should be in a home by now. I’m the right side of 30 fortunately, so still have my youthful good looks :sunglasses:


You’re username is misleading.


Genuinely not sure where the 24 came from when I created my account all them years ago haha. With hindsight it’s probably best to avoid a username like mine


Will when did you join the old forum? Think it was a few years before me as I joined in 2010 at 18 so if you’re 22 now you must have joined here very young lol that’s why I was surprised a.f. at you being 22 :joy:




I signed up in 2008 I think! Luckily with the move to the new forum my posts from then have vanished, I dread to think at how incoherent some of it must’ve been :joy:


Yeah it’s hard when you’re only typing with one hand


I spent too much of my teens worried about Abou Diaby’s pre match fitness for anything like that I’m afraid!


I just assumed your birthday was the 24th? I take it it’s not then? Lol. Or maybe you’re a Bellerin fan like me :grin:


That’s exactly how I eased the anxiety about Abou Diaby’s pre-match fitness.


Sub him off. Enough of this cunt who is already playing for City.