Alexis Sánchez


Jesus reading this thread is making me more depressed about getting old than our best player leaving :persevere:


Come on William… share your age…


Being in your 30s is the best, it’s when real life begins.


Why have you erased it? You’re either really young or really old


25 still got 5 years till the big 30 :pray:


I’ve always hated you :neutral_face:



#team92 @Persona


Haha kidding. Can I be in your gang? Even though I am a teeny bit older?


Sorry you have to be born in 1992 to enter… :kissing_heart:


Oh screw you. Go and detach from England. No one wants you anyway. :sunglasses:


Don’t worry I agree #fucktheunionjack



You love us really, right?


I like England but the UK is a nonsense. Should be axed pronto!


9 years to go >


Go move to America @Arsenal4thetreble will take you


Ha I’m never moving to America! Don’t even want to ever visit it! Imo it’s a stupid country sorry


IMO Scotland is a stupid country… true story, I live in England, i’ve been to 9 countries in Africa, 7 states in America, lived in Thailand for 6 months, been all over Europe. Never been to Scotland :rofl:


Edinburgh is great for a pub crawl so you have missed out @Phoebica


Shocking! Should visit your neighbors once in a while :wink: I’ve been to London Manchester Newcastle Preston Blackpool and Wigan in England!

I’ve only been to Preston and Wigan to get a connecting train but it still counts!


I’ve been to all those places. Wales a lot. And I am half Irish so been there. My mum is from Galway. So, as a side note, Ed Sheeran’s song is about me…

But yeah. As @Aussiegooner says, I do want to visit Edinburgh. But when it’s close I just don’t think of it. I’ll suggest it at work and get a freebie :rofl: