Alexis Sánchez


so many misplaced passes straight to opposition for a player of his calibre surely this is being done on purpose. Look at that corner he too short straight to a mancity player you are telling me sanchez cant pass a direct ball from a corner flag to our player…hmmmm!

It makes me laugh as well looking at what he is doing constantly but he does get jeered or booed, but the fucking SECOND a pass doesnt reach him he acts like a little whiney bitch, as far as i am concerned he can fuck off it is him that is putting us in dangerous situations more often than not.


He is clearly doing it on purpose. He wants to leave in january.


He’s not doing it on purpose, he actually just generally gives the ball away a lot, sadly for us he’s doing nothing constructive either that normally cancels his giveaways out.


@AbouCuellar was so right. Never trust a fucking chilean. They are sneaky.


Lol Luca on a madness again


He is playing for City, the snake.



That sentence should be the other way round.
What would Man City bring to Sanchez?

More money, more trophies and more world class players in the same team than he would know what to do with.


Arsenal playing it safe by giving Sanchez January on the 2018 calendar :grin:


That might, er will, be a collectors piece.:wenger:


They tossed a coin to decide between Sanchez and Ozil, and Sanchez won.
Just as well, imagine buying a calendar with Ozil on it and in the same season he wins the title with Man U.
Saying that, Sanchez could just as easily do the same at Man City.


They obviously have more faith in Özil staying because he is Mr October!


New contract? :santi2:


It’s more likely that because October is the tenth month it’s the best chance he has of getting the number ten from the club :grinning:


Calendars still exist?


Alexis really loves throw-ins…


Should’ve saved that dive for the box.


This suits me down to the ground


Does it though? I hate to say it, but I feel like we missed our chance to sell him in the summer and now that we have a chance at top 4 (I still don’t think we’ll make it), I wonder if holding onto Alexis until next summer is better move… I suppose if they came in for 40-50 million or more, you have to take it for a player who is leaving anyway… I am torn tbh.


I’m not really thinking of the money to be honest. When I said it suits me, i meant i’d rather see him go abroad than in a Man City shirt.

I doubt Real would bid any money for him anyway. They don’t need to. In January, they can make an agreement with the player to sign him in June.