Alexis Sánchez


When it comes to wages there is a lot of deadwood that needed to be cleared before Sanchez a long time ago. Last year we spend 80 million without selling. I’d like to think we’re able to at least match that without selling Sanchez / qualifiying for the Champions League.

I don’t think any football club / company would be willing to throw away dozens of millions. But I do believe that there won’t be enormous consequences for our competitive or financial perspective, if we wouldn’t accept an offer like that. Because I think (or would like to believe) an business like Arsenal isn’t run on variables like incoming transfer fees and prize money from the Champions League.


Yeah I get that, however, they still retained an interest in him at the beginning of month as stated by Ancelotti.

My point was James put the rumour to bed for good as said by Rummenigge, I’ll let you continue being pedantic though.


They never made an offer so there never was any wage demands. Just idle speculation that.


This is exactly what I’m hoping is the case.


No doubt we can, but it’s still a lot of money.

It isn’t primarily but the club is certainly run on the idea of retaining value in the players either by keeping them through their prime or getting value through selling. At least that’s what I like to believe a club should do.


Letting him leave on a free after having anything but an exceptional season would be a big waste of £50m. No one can look at our squad right now and think we’re set up to have an exceptional season, there’s a lot more work to be done and it doesn’t look like it will be done.


In the end though, it is all swings and round-a-bouts.

If Alexis leaves, then we just have to replace his goals and runs; that being said we invest in Lemar (which I think will happen) as well as a superstar CM (if we can get one that wants to join us).

Alexis leaving is only a huge dent if he isn’t replaced!


But what value would we get by selling him? With 50 million we’re not going to get a player from the same quality. Both in performance and entertainment value. It can be argued we can afford a Lemar without selling Sanchez. Investment in other parts of the squad is not dependent on selling Sanchez, but moreso of getting rid of players on those positions (Wilshere f.e.). Whilst by keeping him our chances of winning Europa League and qualifing for the Champions League, even so slightly, are higher by keeping him. I struggle to see what selling Sanchez is going to do for us concretly. For what it’s worth, it is a bit of dumb reason imo, apologists can say Arenal didn’t bend for a ‘rival’.


This… have to be pragmatic atm… if he isn’t committed to the Arsenal, 50MM is pretty smart business if we aren’t serious about a title bid and it doesn’t look like we are yet. Rather we get a few potential wonder kids and let Iwobi, AMN, JRA, etc. get more minutes this season. I couldn’t give a flying f*ck if we spend another year in Europa b/c I’d rather we go for things in earnest than this BS purgatorial quixotic cycle.

Fact is, we have wasted too many years not picking up “the next big thing” - watch the kid from Sweden explode at Dortmund and it will be another in a long list.


We could put it forward to buying someone who would have to replace him in a years time anyway though.

It isn’t and I never claimed it was but unless the team pulls out a miracle next season it’s going to be the same results and just keeping him without achieving anything of note is a waste of transfer fee and wages too.

It’s being the smarter business decision if we want to plan for the time post Alexis. It’s having more money for more expensive players.


By selling Sanchez the pool of players from were we have to fish at is not going to change, because of financial, reputational and mostly competitive advantages other clubs can provide. That’s why I think keeping him and making the most of it makes the most sense. Now Lemar is probably going to be his successor. A player whom we should be able to get without selling Sanchez.


Tell Pep to stick his ice cream up his ass :wink:


I’m not sure how people can on one hand want us to spend £120m on a transfer and on the other turn down £50m just for their own pride.

How can people say that Pickford or insert-player-here isn’t worth £30m then say one season of Alexis is worth £50m?

If it was a case of him staying and maybe signing an extension it might be worth the gamble, but right now it feels like he’s going to stay and then leave and join a “rival” anyway. There’s already been some kind of issue for Wenger to feel the need to drop him, so I doubt he’s in love with Wenger or the club.

Of course we need that money.


But why accumulate £50m through the sale of our top player when there is more than enough deadwood in the team the sale of whom would be beneficial even if they were sold for free.

If we sell Walcott, Gibbs and Wilshere we should be able to get more than £50m.
We can move on Giroud, Debuchy, Szczesny, Perez, Campbell, Coquelin, Jenkinson and keep the squad relatively in tact.


Of course I’d rather have the £50m, I’m not suggesting we throw it away at all costs. If PSG, Juve, Bayern etc offered it and it was clear Alexis wasn’t going to sign a new contract then fine go for it. It’s just selling him to a rival that I’m not on board with - we’d be weakening ourselves while strengthening them, if it’s anything like the RVP deal we’d be getting a lump sum of money so that another team can win the league. And more than likely we wouldn’t replace him. Besides, who even decided that we would get £50m for him anyway?


Wouldn’t put Giroud in that list. Maybe not Coquelin either as he is a good backup to have but the others, by all means, we should get rid of them before the start of the season.


You not watch much of Coquelin last season ?


Don’t think it’s been posted because no one seems to care about him but Joel Campbell recently tore a ligament in his knee, he’s out for at least 6 months I believe.


It has nothing to do with pride though. The trade off just doesn’t seem worth it imo.

Keeping him means having a greater chance at the Europa League, having a quality player around for another season and like I said in the post above selling him doesn’t change the level of player we are going to attract here. With or without Sanchez our perspective of what we can achieve in the League isn’t going to chance either; we’re going to compete for the top four.

As @Gladiator says there is a lot of deadwood that should be dumped first if we needed to get some funds available, if we need to do that anyway. For example if we get rid of Sanchez we’re not going to buy a centre midfielder (arguably highhest priority in the squad), but we need to get rid of some CMs. Why sell Sanchez then?


He might be quality but if he starts having childish tantrums then he will do more damage to us than he is worth. Get rid hopefully abroad !!