Alexis Sánchez


For me everything rests on the players coming in. If we can bring in exciting young players with big upsides that will inject something new, I’m fine with selling Alexis to a rival. For me this would mean not just Lemar but 1-2 other players. If we’re just going to sell Alexis, pocket the money or buy cheaply, then give more playing time at wide forward to Walcott, Ox, and Welbeck…fuck that with a nail studded dildo.


I’ll still never be OK with us selling Sanchez to a rival. City could offer £200m and free ice cream for life to all Arsenal fans and I’d still want to tell them to get stuffed! We have no need to sell him to a rival, and if we do it’ll not only make Wenger look like (even more of) a fool for going back on his word, it’ll also show us as a club going backwards, not forwards.

I see some fans are starting to accept Lacazette and Lemar as good enough replacements, and while yeah those signings would soften the blow of Alexis leaving somewhat, it still wouldn’t be good enough. They’re good but neither are elite players, they’re not in the same league as Sanchez. Alexis saved us on many occasions last season, he was without doubt the star of that team. I’m not sure Laca or Lemar are capable of stepping up like that.


Rummenigge making it clear Bayern have no interest in Alexis.


They already have Lewandowski on 15 milion per season so i doubt they would pay Alexis the same.


I guess it depends on your expectations. Whatever happens I don’t think we’ll have a good enough window to actually challenge, I think we’re too far off to turn things around in one window and win the league. I don’t say this to have a go or whinge, but I simply don’t have any faith in Wenger being able to win the league again, and especially not from our current position.

I have assumed for some time that Sanchez is off too, so to me it feels more like our starting point for the window is being fifth, in the Europa League and without Sanchez. So signing Lacazette rather than a Perez, Lemar who looks like one of the more exciting young players in Europe based on last season and one other similar player to either of these two but in a different position like CM would seem exciting and good enough (with Kolasinic being a potentially good signing). We’d be looking good enough to win the Europa League (not to say I’m assuming me will by any means) and in terms of the league I’d be basically willing to just see us play some exciting/attractive football and build for the future. It would then be next summer I’d want/expect to see us signing the players who would take us above the level we ever really were with Sanchez in the side, and getting closer to being able to compete for the league.


Once they signed James it was done with.


False, once Alexis made it clear how much money he wanted, it was over.

As said by Bayern.


As much as I don’t want to sell him to a rival, I also don’t want him to walk away to a rival for nothing.
At least if he goes to Man City, we get 50m for him.
If he goes on a free, he could go to Chelsea or Man U and we could see them winning the PL title with him.

I agree.
It’s elite players like Sanchez that win games on their own and it’s the reason the big clubs buy these players.
It’s also the reason that clubs who don’t have these world class players tend to struggle.

Like you, I’m not sure that Lacazette or Lemar are going to be good enough to make up for him leaving.
The only way round it is to either get him to sign a new contract, or buy a genuine world class player.

I wonder if Sanchez would have signed a new contract if Wenger had been a bit more ambitious in the market a couple of seasons ago, when he bough just a GK, rather than waiting until he’s desperate to get a couple of decent players.


Not quite, I meant that’s the last attacking player they would be bringing in which is exactly what Rummenigge said.


After they ruled out buying Alexis due to his absurd wage demands.


Sure but my point still stands, after landing James the possibility of him going to Bayen was truly done with.

Not sure what you’re disputing tbh.


Unless this £50m is going into my bank account then I’d still rather get nothing than sell him to another PL team - unless that PL team is Brighton! If we sell him to a rival he could also win the PL title, that isn’t just a scenario if he goes for free. At least if it’s his own choice then i don’t have an added reason to be angry at my club.


[quote=“Phoebica, post:3433, topic:98”]
City could offer £200m and free ice cream for life to all Arsenal fans and I’d still want to tell them to get stuffed!
[/quote]But what if the ice cream was Vanilla? :giroud3: :wink:


Elite players or not id rather have grafters playing for the shirt than mercenaries that only care about themselves - if your not up for the Arsenal then kindly fck off no matter how elite you think you are - legacy.


I think the only person that would appeal to is you. I’m all about the Kinder Egg ice cream now. Add in a barrel of that and perhaps Man City would convince me :sunglasses:


That 50 million doesn’t do anything for us. I agree with @Phoebica. Why sell him for that sum too a rival whilst if he has no chains attached he might choose to leave the Premier League, which is unlikely probably has his sights set on City, but still.


I’d rather pistachio or maybe cookies and cream.


I think it’s a strong possibility that we just make Sanchez stay for his final year and then let him go on a free if he actually does leave. However, if we have a good season, finish second, win europa, I don’t see why he wouldn’t stay. He says he wants to play in the CL. If we can get back there, there aren’t many teams around the world who can pay him what we can.


That’s speculation at best tbh

As much money as there is in the Premier League I find it hard to believe that any club (besides maybe the Manchester ones) would be willing to throw away a total of 60m (with wages) just because “the club doesn’t need it”


Jesus Christ dude lol. Alexis to Bayern wasn’t done with because theysigned James.

It was done prior to that due to his wage demands. Literally as told by Rummenigge