Alexis Sánchez


Sanchez is an absolute warrior on the pitch, if we don’t sell he will bust a gut all season for us and then go where he wants to go next summer.


There’s a difference between want and need. We don’t need 50 million and we don’t need to keep Alexis to see out his final year of contract.

However as an Arsenal fan I want to see Alexis play in the red and white for another year more than I want an extra 50 million sitting in the Arsenal bank.


Can’t we do one of those dodgy ‘sign an extension and then we’ll sell you next year’ kind of deals? I seem to remember hearing about plenty of those a few years back. Didn’t Suarez do something like that?


I said that a while ago.
I don’t see why we can’t give him a season contract with a massive signing on fee, for about 20m, then if he wants to go at the end of the season, then we still get 50m for him.

What makes me dubious about him staying is that Wenger is after Lemar.


I think Alexis simply wouldn’t sign such a deal when leaving on a free next summer or forcing move this summer is better for him financially and in a sporting sense.

So the idea is a non-starter probably


We could probably do something to entice him for a year to leave for a buyout clause next year like a signing fee and bumper wages, though whether that would work out cheaper for us would be difficult to quantify. Not to mention he would lose his potential sign on fee.

In all honesty I feel the most financially pragmatic move would be to just take the hit on him and keep him for a year at 140k a week.

The potential money from a higher finish or any honours would outway getting 50 million now - which is only a slight profit on him and tbh a pretty poor sum in today’s market for arguably one of the best players in the world.


The whole Sanchez saga sounds iffy as fuck. Didnt Sanchez say he knew exactly what his future was before the Confederations Cup?


Yeah, you’re undoubtedly right.

I just wonder how other clubs manage to pull it off. Always seems to be the way when it comes to Arsenal though doesn’t it?!


I think its surely something we’ve tried offering him tbh.


Yeah but I’m sure if he wants to leave to play CL football he’ll hold out on that hope until the transfer window is shut. Once we wait him out and the disappointment of not being sold subsides, we will probably have a better chance of signing him to a deal along those lines.


Suarez was not in the last year of his contract when he signed that deal. He still had two and a half years left so it’s not really the same scenario – Suarez would still have pushed for a move and Liverpool would still have got a pretty hefty fee for him whether he had 2 years left or 4.

We’re in a make or break situation with Alexis. Him signing a contract with the guarantee that he can leave next summer benefits us more than him, and sadly I don’t think he loves Arsenal enough to care whether we make any money from him or not.




Could be the domino…


Good sources saying that his demands are very high, still seems to be the case that he’s interested only in City.


Here was I thinking the relationship between Guardiola and Sanchez wasn’t ideal for some reason.


His wage demands are so odd. So out of character for the player we’ve watched for the last three years. Due to the language barrier we’ve never really gotten to know Alexis as a person but it just seems out of tune.

PSG and City are obviously better moves in the immediate future but he won’t have an affinity with the fans the way he has with us. I can’t understand if it’s just agent misrepresentation or if he’s truly after the money. Perhaps Pep has made an argument to sway him, though I feel there is more to it than that.

PSG are however, a reasonable exit strategy for the both of us.


Be great if he would stop being a greedy cunt and join PSG.


PSG is palatable–only IF Lemar + others are coming in.

Citeh can piss off.


Good. No Premier League thanks.