Alexis Sánchez


That’s what cannot be allowed to happen. The extra funds of desperation from Citeh would do Arsenal little good if a late window deal is done. Given how long it takes Arsenal to complete a transfer, they would directly strengthen a “rival” while really weakening the squad. Arsenal would just be waving the white flag at that point.

If Sanchez is leaving, it needs be sorted sooner rather than later so that Arsenal can bring in a few players to try and make up for the loss.


I think that is exactly the reason why we’re after Lemar so rigorously. Especially with Sanchez saying he knows where his future lies at that confed cup pressconference. Wenger knows more than he lets be known to the press imo.

I might be seeing to much in those quotes of Wenger’s pressconference in Sydney, but him saying ‘he can’ in stead of ‘he will’ sign a new contract at the start or during the season doesn’t sit well with me.



You see? Alexis only trusts him :ozil2:


City no longer interested in Alexis according to this.


Yesss, fuck off City.


It also coincides with a lot of stories saying that he is seemingly changing his mind and will sign a new contract with us…could be true but wont know for sure until it is done.


Alexis Lacazette



Dunno about you Ollie but I’m not interested in their leaked nudes thanks


:kos2: yeah er, me neither.


Welcome Bayern! :wenger2: Apart from joke, do City really need Alexis? They are full of AMs ans SS.


My money’s still on PSG. Great chance for them now


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Fixed it for you. :+1:


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This guy knows. :hipster:


Draxler Cavani and Di Maria though?

aside from the token Mbappe bid they don’t seem to be in the market for any other forward (afaik)


Wants to play in CL but his future is up to arsenal not him


I’m sure he does, maybe he should have played a little better and helped the team into UCL spots if it was so important to him.


the guy scored over 30 goals in all competitions, what else could he have done? It wasn’t Sanchez that let us down